Finding hints.

[Post New]by cactuswren3 on Jan 31, 14 4:12 PM
I often get stuck in a game. Such is the case of the Trophy Room in the witch's castle. I looked everywhere for the hook upon which to hang a game piece. I finally found it after locating the scenes that show where to look. Now I cannot find that aid. Help!


Re:Finding hints.

[Post New]by cactuswren3 on Feb 8, 14 7:25 PM
I am back. Crystal slipper has me befuddled again. Where in the blue are the Snow Dunes? I have looked everywhere the game will allow. Some of the clues are too subtle. This is one of them.
By the way I did find where to hang the color chart. Look at the color of the strings and cut them in order on the chart. Be sure to touch each color as shown by the string, ie., the orange string and orange band. That should help.


Re:Finding hints.

[Post New]by cactuswren3 on Feb 8, 14 7:29 PM
If you are having trouble finding the place to hang the color chart, look on the outside of the tent. There is a very small, hard to see, hook. Hang the chart there.
Good hunting. cactuswren3

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