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2nd game new friends(old friends)?????

[Post New]by basmith12 on Feb 1, 14 6:47 PM
Hi everyone! I have started a new game as another user account and my new ID is 118370. Please feel free to add me. Don't know if I can add my old friends (maybe kicked out like I was) If anyone knows and wants me to add them, let me know. I'm at level 8 on 2nd game and keeping fingers crossed, beginning to start getting resources and love the gifting section. Wish me luck! Sorry forgot to add: I am playing as Addi ID 118370

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Re:2nd game new friends(old friends)?????

[Post New]by Angeleye1372 on Feb 2, 14 12:34 AM
I'm going to add you...I'm playing as angeleye2 on my daughter's account

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