Level 17 Bermuda

[Post New]by keyrao on Feb 2, 14 10:03 AM
I cannot get past the 17th level in Bermuda triangle. Has anyone had success with this level Thanks

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Re:Level 17 Bermuda

[Post New]by jellypuppy on Feb 3, 14 6:02 PM
That level really comes down to the last two waves. To prepare, you will want to build artillery upgraded to flame on both sides of both entrances, a support tower on the lower spot of the tiny island and pretty much rapid-fire cannons everywhere else. Keep in mind you will need to build dart towers to handle some flying enemy situations in earlier waves but delete them and upgrade to the rapid cannon when you can.

During the second to last wave, you will encounter a problem with the enemy that can only be damaged with artillery. You will need to delete some other towers (most notably the one next to the support tower on the little island) and put in extra fire artillery to handle these.

Then in the last wave, you will have more of those type of enemies to start the wave. Make sure you have enough fire artillery to handle them. When these enemies stop, pause the game. All the remaining enemies are the small flying ones. Change all attacking towers to rapid fire cannons.

Luckily this level gives you plenty of coins to handle all these changes.

See if that works for you.

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