More Water?

[Post New]by ladylaura75 on Feb 4, 14 6:47 AM
I'm stuck on level one. The tutorial wasn't much...

It says I need to replenish my water supply for the workers to move faster. How do I do that? What is the objective of this level? It tells you to use the medical supply on the workers, then after that, you're on your own. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!!

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Re:More Water?

[Post New]by AndaO on Feb 5, 14 8:41 PM
I really don't understand this. I have 4 wells. Tons of water points and it keeps telling me to replenish water. Where do I do that?


Re:More Water?

[Post New]by nanky49 on Feb 10, 14 3:41 PM
I have the same problem. Not the best game.


Re:More Water?

[Post New]by GalacticHuman on Mar 15, 14 3:12 PM
I've just got the trial and have the same problem with the water. I have a well with plenty of water points, but no matter what I do it keeps saying to replenish the water.

Frustrating to say the least.......


Re:More Water?

[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Aug 7, 14 2:00 PM
Upgrading the well is a good start. It doubles the water you get each time. In addition you can send your people into the jungle for water.

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