Play game again

[Post New]by phainopatty on Feb 4, 14 11:04 AM
I want to play the game again, but I start out in the newspaper
office and can't get out.

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Re:Play game again

[Post New]by heatherington on Feb 6, 14 5:39 AM
Did you pick ALL the items in there? This is a spoiler alert, but it will give you detail of what to get.

After you talk to your boss you have a few things to find: The first scene is looking at your desk. To the left under the blue chair is the ticket. Behind the desk are three items, The Ink Pen, under the desk, the Wallet, which is actually a coin purse in the drawer and the brown Notebook, partially hidden under the chair. Go back out to the center of the room and turn left. Three items here are the Sandwich, upper left behind photo, Dictaphone, inside cabinet that is partially open and Camera, under the chair. Then go right twice and take the Lemonade that looks like orange soda, the Microphone, bottom of closet door and ID card behind picture frame to left. You can talk to the person about her socks and you can pick up the socks and put them in a drawer.

Then you should be able to get out the door.

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