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[Post New]by Yaelle on Feb 4, 14 1:49 PM
I'm glad this just came up because I needed an excuse to ask this question & without the Pond thing to ask general BFG questions, I'm always SOL.
SOoooo this just came up while playing Enlightenus 2 and now I guess I'm free to ask!
OK Soooo lol what I'm getting at is this: I notice that in the past 4, 6 weeks or so the games manager has been automatically closing when I begin games. I don't know why it does this, but I'd like to see about getting it to stop because when I exit a game, sometimes I do so in order to go to that game's forum & ask a question or whatever. And in order to do that without a lot of trouble, I need that "last game played" little thing showing. You know what I mean.
With this new behavior of the GM, sometimes I will have the last game played show & other times not, usually not. I did not change my preferences anyplace to get the games manager to do this, it just kind of began.

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