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[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Feb 5, 14 1:13 AM
Quality Fun... ****


Note: I will add to this if there are any significant changes after playing the demo.


Very low key start to this game, but a very touching one. We join a mother and her young daughter on just another ordinary day. But tragedy strikes and Andrea is left in a coma. There’s a bit too much dialogue at first, but it’s justified by the need to explain the procedure.

The graphics look really great. Detailed and boldly colourful. I particularly liked the HO scenes, where items were very clear and easy to see, and realistic, not photo realism, if you can understand the difference. The voice of the wizard is excellent. Music struck me as pleasant.

We are charting our way through Andrea’s mind, tracking down her fears and feelings. Disturbingly there are nasty little imp like creatures populating her emotional universe, frightening her and creating havoc (really cute in an evil kind of way). The boogieman is horribly well done.

It is a little slow to get started while we are learning the backstory, and the purpose of this treatment, but it picks up quickly once we enter Andrea consciousness. The HO scenes so far have been interactive lists, the puzzles have been okay, not especially difficult or new. The adventure tasks take up the most of the time, with interesting quests along the way.

Interactive jump map shows active areas, journal keeps notes and task list.

One unique feature is the option to come back to reality via the ‘wake up’ button. Unlike other games with the same story, part of this one is actually played in the real world, where you gather memorable objects from your daughter’s life to ‘scan’ into the memory machine for use in the dream world. Nifty.

I enjoyed this game immensely. Top quality and fun. Looking forward to its release.

And now it’s here!

I recommend this game!

ETA: Some items in the HOP lists require several actions to complete, and there are items in inventory that must be combined. There are 15 memory shards to collect.

This demo has new material from the beta, but is again all the quality and fun you could ask for. Blackwaterrules is right, though, a very dark and creepy place for a child's mind.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by BlackWaterRules on Feb 5, 14 1:47 AM
Based on the Demo

In the beginning the graphics were very plain, with a creepy doctor that keeps his eyes half closed all the time, but once you are in the dream world they are brilliant beyond imagination. The animation is fabulous. Although there is only one voice over, the mother as she narrates the story, the background sound is appropriate and enhances the story.
Additional voice overs, especially the doctor, and the rabbit, would have been a welcome addition.

The story opens with a mother concerned about her beloved daughter, Andrea, who has gone into a coma for no reason. The doctor has a new technique to save Andrea: the "Diver" process, in which the mother will enter Andrea's thought processes to see what has happened. The mother enters a horrific nightmare of demons and darkness. Even though the colors are brilliant, it is a dark dangerous place for a child to be.

The hidden object scenes are the list type with some interactivity. Mini puzzles are pretty challenging.

There is a journal with "memories" and a map to assist you in gameplay.

This game creeped me out because I didn't expect a game with such beautiful colors and lullabye music to be so dark. I can't wait to play the rest of it.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by KBEAR2045 on Feb 5, 14 7:13 AM
I really liked this game and was drawn into it. Some of the cursor movements were awkward and didn't always reflect that there was an item to pick up when you hovered over it. I had to do a lot of clicking but that didn't really bother me.

Still I enjoyed playing it and found it to be just enough of a challenge without being really frustrating. I did like going between scenes (her mind and the hospital room) but the first go round I was a little confused as to what to do once I got back to the room. I figured it out and I think I understand what to do a little bit better.

Map is extremely useful as it shows what available tasks need to be done. If there are none then that means you need to either wake up or go back into her mind (depending on where you are at the time.

Graphics are colorful and the HOS scenes are not too dark.

Some of the sounds though are really annoying. I had to turn down the volume in a couple of scenes. It was as bad as listening to water drip. The "sonar beep" really wanted me to bash the computer. I couldn't turn down the volume fast enough.

This will be a definite buy on double punch Monday.


Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by NancySusan on Feb 5, 14 8:38 AM
I read the reviews before trying the demo and I only really have a couple of criticisms: 1) after I gave the rabbit the button for its eye, the button disappeared, and the rabbit also wouldn't accept the thread, which I knew combined with something else, but for some reason I thought that would be the button. I kept casting around searching for the seemingly missing button, trying the hint button (which sent me off to do other tasks), and finally, I gave up, deleted the game, redownloaded it, renamed the player and played it back to the same point (very fast), in case there was a glitch, which was when I discovered you needed a needle, which I found as soon as I was in the treehouse room, but had missed the first time through. The game isn't always clear about something like that. And sometimes you have to click on something to activate a scene, but other times clicking doesn't do anything. 2) Wow, absolutely no true widescreen -- when I downloaded the game the first time, I had heavy black bars, which switched automatically into a sort of faux widescreen at the first cut scene. This was achieved by serious stretching to fit the screen. My widescreen is 23", and the stretch is pretty bad. I noticed widescreen wasn't checked, but when I did I was given the equivalent of a 19" screen. I haven't decided how to handle that for the full game, but I really liked the game, for many of the same reasons other people did, and will be getting it with a PCC. But these problems really should have been solved before issuing the game, particularly the widescreen v. fullscreen thing.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by bfgWendwater on Feb 5, 14 8:44 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Through Andrea's Eyes here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

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[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Feb 5, 14 11:38 AM
Liked the game and had good graphics and puzzles were fun too. Had a map and hints reloaded fast. Storyline was a little different and went back and forth to find clues. It's another SE and think that is great. Will give this a 4 out 5 stars..

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Feb 5, 14 12:30 PM

I spent a PCC on this Standard Edition game and do not regret it. The story is a little different. A mother's daughter inexplicably falls into a coma and a doctor with a revolutionary machine, allowing her to enter her daughter's mind to find clues as to how to wake her, is helping her along the way.

Hence you have two scenarios, the real present-day world and the dream world full of little monsters and other weird creatures that only a child could conjure up in her slumber.

The colours were bright, but the graphics and gameplay gave away the fact that this appears to be a game that has been sitting on a shelf somewhere for some years, and then got a make-over of sorts. There are clues as to how old this game is within the game itself by way of dates. Since this is meant to be set in the modern day and age, and isn't a historical game from another era, developers usually stick to the current year.

I counted only 9 each of hidden object scenes and puzzles and the whole game took me 2 and 3/4 hours, so it's not very long. HOS are all lists with some interaction to speak of, and some have one lengthy interaction, i.e. find a wheel and handle bar, then find paint and a brush and paint it.

There is obviously no lip synching, because of the age of this game, and some scenes had voiceovers, others were mainly just text.

An attempt was made at some kind of collectibles, but they were only 5 memory shards throughout which made up a photo.

The conclusion was fairly dramatic, but predictable.

All in all, it was enjoyable and worth spending a PCC on, especially if you have one about to expire, but I wasn't blown off my chair with excitement.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by tesamoine on Feb 5, 14 1:28 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed the demo of this game. This was a definite buy for me with the sale going on today. Other reviewers have done an excellent job of explaining the story line. I enjoyed going back and forth between the daughter's mind and the outside world to obtain objects. The HOS objects were nicely spaced (not junk piles) and somewhat interactive. The puzzles were fairly easy and that is fine with me as that is not my strong suit The graphics and visuals were bright and stunning. The background music and sounds however were grating at times LOL. That darned music box!!! I love games that are a bit different and this one caught my attention. I haven't had any play issues with it (fingers crossed). I give it 4 stars and definitely recommend

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Feb 5, 14 3:04 PM
What a wondrous game! For an SE, this is an exceptionally well constructed game. The science relating to entering a person's subconscious is probably a little off kilter here. I don't actually know, but I don't think you can get there with a "Xerox" copy of a drawing. Oh well, it is a game after all. I have no idea what is going on with the mighty and awesome gaming wizards of BF lately, but some of the SE games are actually better than the CE's. It is so nice to be able to use a coupon on a fairly decent game.

Mysteriously your daughter has entered a coma. From the demo, you are not given the reason for her medical state. Through the use of a "Xerox" machine into which you copy a picture of one of your daughter's drawing - you enter her mind to help her bring her out of the coma. There is voice at the beginning but not after the initial entry into the game. That is pretty standard with the SE games. There are three levels of play and you are not allowed to skip puzzles in the most difficult level of play. The HOPA scenes are interactive and the items are all children's toys or relate to children in some way. The puzzles (I loved the slider one) are somewhat unique. You collect inventory throughout the game - plus you also combine items - so it is more of an adventure game than a true HOPA game. The graphics are surrealistic and awesome in showing us the interworking of a child's mind. There is an interactive map which allows you to skip to other scenes which is unusual for an SE.

This is a great SE. For me, I will definitely use a coupon today. It doesn't seem to be a very long game; however, to me, it is well worth the price if you do not have a coupon. I would highly recommend everyone at least trying this game. I give this game 5 stars out of 5 stars for an SE. This is one you should at least demo.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Feb 5, 14 3:14 PM
Afternoon all. Wow, this must be a fairly old game, or at least one that's been hidden somewhere for a very long time. Graphics are old school but fairly well done. Game play is a little slow, but good. Music gets very annoying very quickly. There is a locking inventory bar and a very useful jump map.

You have the option of volume for the voice overs, but the only place I had them was at the intro to the game and not within the game...very disappointing. Hint system is quite helpful and fills at the usual rate. Skip button fills faster than most. Colors are very bright, almost too bright.

HOGs are the usual as well. Items are not difficult to find. Some items in the game are easily overlooked, e.g. the needle for the thread. You have to look at everything for a possible helpful item. Puzzles are very simple. This game is not really challenging and because there are no voice overs and not much in the way of sound FX, it is a bit boring for me. Yes, the story is a little different and I did like the way you could jump between the dream and the real world, but... The little girl was a little creepy, and who in their right mind would subject their daughter to experimental procedures without first ruling out everything else! They could have at least had Mom or the doc make a statement to the fact that "everything else has been done and we find nothing abnormal," or words to that affect.

It's hard to tell how long the game is, but I had 26 minutes left on the demo, so it probably isn't much longer than another hour or so. Apparently there are memory shards to collect, but I only found one (accidentally) during the demo. This game just didn't have it for me today...too simple, too quiet, no challenge, no buy.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may find this to be exactly what you are looking for today. Thanks for the reviews.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by steve_san on Feb 5, 14 4:28 PM

The "Eyes" don't always have it

I was a beta tester for this game a few months ago.

You are young mother Judith Templeton, and your 6 year old daughter has lapsed into a coma after coming home from school. She is now under the care of Dr. Fletcher, who uses a device called the Diver to enable you to travel into and out of your daughter's mind to determine the cause of her coma.

I found the drawing and artwork to be imaginative, but somewhat old style in quality and sharpness. Music and sounds were ok, however the game suffers a little from a lack of character voices, especially since there is a lot of interaction between you and Dr. Fletcher. However, the characters inside your daughter's mind DO have voice actors and they are done well enough.

The game play is fairly standard as you complete tasks and find objects to enable you to keep unlocking parts of your daughter's mind. Naturally, everything inside her mind is drawn in a childlike style, including the mysterious dark "creeper" characters and the Boogeyman.

There is a lot of backtracking in and out of the Diver as you have to repeatedly use a special "scanner" to take real objects and transfer them into her dreamworld. This game suffers a little from so effectively rendering a childlike world as I found it to be annoying by the end of the demo. That said, I can imagine this game being liked by a certain segment of the population.

I'll probably pass on this, but for others the "eyes" may have it.


Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by nontechiegrannie on Feb 5, 14 5:40 PM
Not My Cup Of Tea

Based on Demo: I just didn't like the game. While the premise, going into your child's mind, sounded interesting it just didn't grab me. No voiceovers, garish graphics & the usual junk pile HO's just added to my disappointment.


Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by pondprowler on Feb 5, 14 5:42 PM
I like this game! I'm goin to use a punch card credit on it!

It's fun goin back and forth from her mind to the doctor's office and putting things in the xerox machine.

I can play on the middle mode of hardness and not get to stuck cause there is a great map that let's you jump to where there's something to do. The music gets kinda strange at times. And I never really know which "world" I'm supposed to be in, but I still like it! It's fun!

But, don't believe me, cause I'm not you! Try it for yourself before you just buy it!


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Liked this quite a bit

[Post New]by virago620 on Feb 5, 14 7:50 PM
I played this through our New England snow day, and really enjoyed it. The graphics are very good, and some of Andrea's dream settings are clever. I like the plot line, too, and even though it was creepy, I didn't find it grotesque or sickening. Just scary. I play games without sound so can't comment on voice-overs. It was worth the price and the time, and I would recommend it to your average player. Not one for sophisticates.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by snapnhiss on Feb 6, 14 3:16 AM
There are so many good to great things about this game that I feel kind of whiny saying that I didn't really enjoy it overall. The artwork was unique and very appealing and the story was engaging and kind of exciting but there were so many illogical actions that I continued to get annoyed thinking "what the heck am I supposed to do now?" Good thing for the map because I usually didn't have a clue what I was doing. It was one of those games that I had to rely on the hint button just a little bit too much.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by Mickeycb on Feb 9, 14 8:50 PM
I did not pay attention to when this game actually was available, but when they asked for a "diskette", I thought, really? This must be an old game. I can agree that the game is colorful, and the graphics are well done. I don't like the story line, or the outcome of this game. ******SPOILER******* you don't find out until the very end who is behind all of this and that just struck a very wrong chord for me. It's different if I am the one, let's say, that is locked up in an asylum and trying to get free, or even, put me in a coma and let the bad stuff happen to me, but through a child??? Eh, just hit me the wrong way. I've played games where you have to rescue your boyfriend, or fiancé, whatever, but I just don't like it based on a child's memory and what the doctor's role in everything has to do with the storyline. Yes, I know it's just a game, but I still prefer to keep kids out of them. And I definitely would not let my kids play this game whatsoever. To keep things in perspective here, let the boogeyman come after me! Let the little mean ghosties come after me! That would be fair game. I would not recommend this game, but that's just me....try it for yourself, but be ready for a messed up ending.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by geninfo4 on Feb 24, 14 1:58 PM
think that this game is a very good choice. do not know the developers but I am impressed .. quality game. try this and I know that there is much to like! will post more as I progress through this game! gen

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by sandicats5 on Feb 27, 14 4:37 PM
Finished. Was a lot of fun. Glad there was a map button, it helped. Really liked Chuck & Patch.

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by roaming on Mar 28, 14 4:39 AM
At seven minutes into the demo, I knew for sure this was not going to be my cuppa. I can sum up my reasons in a few pros and cons:

Interesting premise
Pretty colors

Clunky, awkward cursor that was hard to get to change to pointer.
Annoying music

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Re:Reviews for Through Andrea's Eyes

[Post New]by qpr1 on Apr 5, 14 7:38 AM
beautiful graphics, but I just could not get into this game

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