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did anyone else find it funny when...? [SPOILERS]

[Post New]by ember89 on Feb 5, 14 5:37 AM
...when the group needed to see the ministers and the first thing our heroine thought to do was go buy the guy some liquor?

i mean, he didn't budge for the whole "because i'm the princess and i said so" but ALL his morals go right out the door for a $10 bottle of hooch??

...when binny started on about the raspberry cordials?

had to be one of my favorite lines in the whole game: calliope carries on for a while and tells this poor unsuspecting fool: "i'll cover you in pitch and thatch you to a mud hut" -- that calliope could get real creative when she wanted to

...when binny said "maybe the magic guy knows what to do" and killian asked him if he'd hit his head??

no, that was probably just me... because when binearh was talking about how the minister of magic could be a real help, i actually said out loud - you must have hit your head pretty good in that shipwreck because the minister is GONE!

...when calliope was lighting the blue torches - you know the ones

i swear, i kept saying to myself: it's a wonder this girl has any hair left at all! and kept replaying scenes from movies and cartoons in my head where characters burnt off their eyebrows or ended up with a smoke-blackened faces and hair frizzed out in all directions

...when ryanna balked at being sent to the 'nut-hatch'?

first, i have to say that i would have left her in that cave to save my own hide, so killian gets major kudos for draggin her a$$ outta there!
second, i'm a stickler for laws dealing with people and crimes like this - sedition/treason are capital offenses. period. and after everything she did and working with that nutty science minister... ooohh!
but third, i knew calliope would find some way of dealing with her... just not the "psychiatric wing" ::chuckles::

so... what made YOU laugh?

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Re:did anyone else find it funny when...? [SPOILERS]

[Post New]by TMGamer99 on Feb 5, 14 5:59 AM
I can't remember the exact quote, but when Ata said she would fight her own mother for 'cutey boy'. But then thinks about it and changes her mind about that, as her mother's quite scary!

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