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Something cool

[Post New]by Amerzone on Feb 5, 14 4:43 PM
I always wondered why I have so many crystal balls and wands. Now I know why.

When you open up a HOG you will see the crystal ball and the wand in the bottom left corner.

Up till now I've been too busy clicking on items to worry about them. Just now I clicked on each. The crystal ball shows you where all the items are and the wand automatically collects all 6 needed items from the scene.

Pretty cool but I don't see myself using them much.

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Re:Something cool

[Post New]by efi24 on Feb 5, 14 5:06 PM
I saw myself selling that wand for 75 coins much
Only used one to see what it does, figured earning 75 coins off it and clicking the items myself is better.

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