Trapped in Morgan's Town

[Post New]by RadioWave on Feb 6, 14 12:15 PM
I've been stuck in Morgan's Town (I think it's the 3rd or 4th quest from the end of the game) for a week, now. I realize I have to destroy a bunch of stuff to get the gold for rebuilding the towers, but I keep getting mobbed by monsters before I can get them all repaired, or add Mage/Wizard towers. Takes FOREVER to get the materials (stone), and everything winds up destroyed & I'm at a negative gold total because there's not enough of anything to build up trade houses or townhouses before it gets
It's frustrating. I like this game, and I *think* I'm doing the right thing, but accumulating enough materials takes so long...
Any ideas? Thanks! ;o]


Re:Trapped in Morgan's Town

[Post New]by RadioWave on Feb 6, 14 12:27 PM
whups! Just found a post about this, further into the forum. Sorry for the disturbance! lol

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