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Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Feb 7, 14 12:29 AM
Carrie and her adopted daughter Lynn had finally found peace within the mansion that had once known only tragedy. But that peace is shattered when an ancient Order of Witch Hunters kidnaps Lynn. Carrie must now join forces with an old foe to locate their secret headquarters and rescue her. Time is running out for Lynn. Can Carrie convince them that her daughter uses magic for good? Find out in Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted, an exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure.

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Re:Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

[Post New]by tesamoine on Feb 7, 14 6:03 AM
This is the 3rd in the Witches' Legacy Series. Very well done. I really enjoyed the first two. This one picks up with a grown-up Lynn and Carrie (who has now adopted Lynn). It does give you a short synopsis at the beginning of the game as to what has gone on in the past, in case you haven't played the other two games. I like the graphics in this one. I don't see the graininess. To me, it's blended, blurred color. There is unobtrusive music in the HOS. You have your choice of 4 modes of play, including custom. I played the demo on the easiest mode. We do have the imp returning to help squeeze into small spots. He also notifies you of current tasks. He actually is not a bad helper. Lynn has met Edward, whom she thinks is the best thing since sliced bread. However, he turns out to be a traitor and a member of the order of the witches. Your goal is to convince these people that Lynn uses her magic for good. The HOS are infrequent, but pretty much junk piles. There is some interaction. You can switch to a simple Match game if you'd rather not find hidden objects. The puzzles were familiar, but puzzles always give me problems since I am not a puzzle fan, but I did manage to solve them all. Elizabeth (previously a bad bad witch) returns to you in doll form and wants to help. Hmmmm can she be trusted? . This looks to be a fairly decent length game. I liked it. I have enjoyed all the games in the series, however, this one is my least favorite. You also have a journal and a jump map. Game play was fairly linear, but again, I played the demo in easy mode. In my opinion, this is the much better choice when comparing SE to CE. I did not feel the CE was up to CE standards. Enjoy

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Re:Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

[Post New]by BlackWaterRules on Feb 7, 14 3:49 PM
Based on the Demo of the SE

The storyline was excellent. You've escaped from the evil Queen Morgana and are back safely on your own turf when you have a sense of foreboding. It becomes more than just a sense when the little witch, Elizabeth, shows up in your mailbox warning you that witch hunters are coming. That doll like animated witch was my favorite part of the game.

The soundtrack and voice overs are very well done. The graphics are bright, beautiful, crisp, clean, and colorful.

There is a journal, a map, and a little animated imp to assist you in the game.

The hidden object scenes are the list type, with lots of interactivity. The objects are well drawn and clear. You can switch to a match 2 game instead of the hidden object scene if you choose. The mini puzzles were typical of this genre, not too easy, not too hard.

This is a great dark-themed game made more enjoyable by the little animated characters throughout.

I enjoyed every minute of it and it was an immediate buy for me.


Re:Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

[Post New]by nicki1965 on May 3, 14 5:22 AM
Hi all....i have reached the balcony and i have done the hidden to receive the crossbow part, the problem is, after i completed the hidden object game, it never gave me the crossbow part and is still lighting up as if i have never played the game. when i click back in the hidden object game, it shows that I have completed it...i need the crossbow part to get to the castle...can anyone help?

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Re:Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

[Post New]by myskippy on Aug 18, 14 1:50 PM
What is the chronological order of the following games:
The tie that binds
Lair of the witch queen
the Charleston curse ??

I would like to play all the Witches' Legacy games in order

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