Stuck at house #7

[Post New]by PhilsMuse on Feb 7, 14 12:36 PM
I can't do anything there, tells me to come back later. I've already finished the astronaut house (big dipper) and the hidden object at #35. What am I missing?


Re:Stuck at house #7

[Post New]by knucklebones on Mar 10, 14 2:41 PM
I sympathise as I got stuck there too, to the point where I felt like joining him in a drink! Have you got the newspapers from house 85 yet? If so (highlight to read the following spoiler) you should have the photo of Professor in your inventory and be able to do the Identikit puzzle. This stumped me as it's a slider (which didn't show up on my pc) with many more characters that you can try matching. Once you've found the right person the game will move on -- at last -- to its conclusion!

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