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cant get past "Gator" game

[Post New]by villsex on Feb 8, 14 12:45 AM
Been trying to get $25000 but cant get near it
Can anyone help here
Just a clue on how to get past this game


Re:cant get past "Gator" game

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 23, 14 5:17 AM
I have been trying to win this level and almost did. I have found if you decrease workers pay after you tell them yes, you will pay what they want, then you won't be fined by the union and you can just go in and decrease the pay after you agree. I have gotten everything except the 25,000. Almost but ran out of time. The more rides you have the more money you make, don't waste your time on the ones that only charge $2.00 and only give one happy face You will have to spend to much to upgrade them to increase the prices.. The better rides that charge at least $4.00 plus and upgrading them so they are worth the price is a better plan. (Only upgrade the ones that are required. Make sure you set the prizes in the stands and look at what it cost to offer those prizes. A teddy bear is like $4.00 or more to offer, but the price they pay is too low to cover your cost, up the price to play the game depending on what prizes you are offering. I noticed if I set the price of the gate too high they won't come in even if I do advertise. So, lower the price for kids and elderly this generates more people when you have a park rating of 70 or more. Advertise but don't allow kids to get in free with one adult, though this does generate more guests. Don't upgrade for every food product unless you are willing to increase the prices for those foods. Some cancel out the cost of the ones already offered. Like taffy is lower than a soda etc. so make sure to make taffy costs more than the other products. The most income comes from the rides not the gate price, and shows is the second higher profit. Then the food stand and then the prize booths so you have to have enough rides to up the overall percentage from like 50% to 70% or above so they will come back and spend more. Adults won't show up that much if you charge them ten dollars even if you do advertise. They like a low gate price.

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