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Thanks to the ones that post

[Post New]by CiChDa on Feb 9, 14 5:11 AM
Overall, it is so very nice of you that come into the forum of a game and give us a review. They are much appreciated by many of us.

I also want to express gratitude to those that let us know how much of the game is HO's in regards to adventure. Makes a big difference to some of us. Whether you like more HO's or more adventure.

This game has a minimal amount of HO's and with this info, it made a difference on my even doing the demo....sometimes after the demo that game changes.

I hope they leave my it is always nice to say your appreciated and thanks!



Re:Thanks to the ones that post

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Feb 10, 14 12:49 AM
MildewWolf wrote:I agree - I read the reviews on a game's download page but also always check the forum reviews as the reviewers usually make more sense and seem more knowledgeable. I never buy new games straight away so by the time I get round to trying them there's usually a few pages of forum reviews but I make sure I read every one. The later ones can often be more useful than the first few as they are more likely to be reviews of the completed game and not just the demo (demo reviews are useful too but opinions can change once the demo is over).

I'm gradually playing through all my HOPAs and then uninstalling them to make room (for more games LOL). As soon as I finish a game I write a quick review of it - not only does this (hopefully) help others, it also serves as a reminder of which games might be worth re-installing at some point and which games can stay deleted forever.

I am doing the same MildewWolf, as well as demo reviews, I am working my way through 400(!!) games of my own so I will have a record of what I liked or disliked about a game.

This can be very useful for demos as well. It tells me whether I've tried them already and didn't like them, or if I just didn't have enough money. Saves redownloading just to find no time left!

And I generally check out the older reviews myself, because they are good for completed games and sometimes a game will be a big hit when it is released, but now, 2 years later or whatever, it can seem awful by comparison.


Re:Thanks to the ones that post

[Post New]by glittergal on Feb 10, 14 11:56 AM
Yes I agree.

I always read the forum reviews before I consider downloading a game, and if a game has as many bad reviews as good ones I don't bother downloading the demo at all.

Thanks to all who have taken time to give their reviews.

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