Leave garbage achievement

[Post New]by Neverlosehope on Feb 10, 14 12:15 AM
Has anyone been able to figure out how to reach the last achievement? I am stuck at leave 10 pieces of garbage in 14 places? Unless I am reading this wrong, I am unable to get pass this one. This is the only achievement I can not attain.

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Re:Leave garbage achievement

[Post New]by cstdenis on Mar 29, 14 5:23 PM
I can't get this one either. I am stuck on 12. I have fired both waiters and still no dice. I will try firing the baristas and see if that works.
That worked! I had to leave garbage on the counter, on the serving area and on most of the tables!

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Re:Leave garbage achievement

[Post New]by Neverlosehope on May 3, 14 1:31 AM
Thank you very much, cstdenis! I'll try that.

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