Find 5 HOPs

[Post New]by cottoncandy2 on Feb 10, 14 10:59 AM
How do these work? It said for more points to just find the five objects at the top which I did and it kept going so I solved the riddle on the left and it still kept going so I found a bunch of puzzle pieces but unless you clear the board it's hard to find all the puzzle pieces. Does anybody know how they work?

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Re:Find 5 HOPs

[Post New]by KIW0612 on Feb 10, 14 7:40 PM
I have to agree with the above post. I also opted to just find the five top items since the directions said "either or" but found I had to clear the entire screen to complete the level. Maybe a bug?

EDIT - I found it. Go into your OPTIONS and make sure the item for "Win after 5" is checked off. This sure makes the length of play time for each screen go A LOT faster.

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