stuck in full screen?

[Post New]by princesspeepee on Mar 18, 09 9:50 AM
hi -

I was testing out the game and for some reason I can not get it to go to a windowed screen. When playing the game I have the game and then big black borders around it taking up my whole screen. to me this shows that the game is small then my screen size but yet will not go windowed and wil not full take up the whole screen. Does anyone else have this problem?

I have updated drivers for everything and can play other games fine.


Re:stuck in full screen? black borders on screen

[Post New]by milford82 on Jun 29, 09 3:15 PM
I am running a 32 bit system, HPw2007 21 inch screen.........if your monitor has menu, sound and auto button on need to push menu...............go down to image control ..........push select and go to custon scaling..this will let you fit game to fit screen...i have been messing with it about an hour and wham got it.....goood luck to all

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