Puzzling Puzzle

[Post New]by lanotary on Feb 11, 14 2:35 PM
I'm playing the trial version and am at the point of the first puzzle minigame. There are 16 puzzle pieces, and I have put the four puzzle squares together, but don't know where the put them. The game will not advance. Where do the four puzzle squares go?

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Re:Puzzling Puzzle

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Feb 11, 14 4:47 PM
Do you mean the puzzle where it said that the edges of the puzzle pieces are colour coded to show how they should be grouped as 4 blocks of 4 pieces each?
(Blue, yellow, red and green if I remember correctly)

If so, then look at the 4 corners of the background area and you'll see that each corner has a block of one of those 4 colours - you just need to drag each completed block of 4 onto the matching background area to trigger completion.


Re:Puzzling Puzzle

[Post New]by lanotary on Feb 11, 14 7:39 PM
I see now. Thank you.

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