When to do things....

[Post New]by kailasa108 on Feb 15, 14 7:57 PM
Hi! I really like this game, and thought I would pass on some "timing" tips. (Maybe you've already learned these too?) As I learn newer things I'll post back here.

1) ONLY do shack upgrades if you are NOT using the "speed shack" enhancement. Upgrading a shack slows or stops production. So if you upgrading while "speeding" (LOL) you'll lose the advantage.

2) I've found it's best to use the "fast worker" enhancement if you've got a lot of rocks to clear, or buildings to make or upgrades to do. So I've found you get more for your time allotment if you 'save' a bunch of those things and do them together during the 'faster' time.

3)Once the piers/boats are being used, I've found the selection order of tasks becomes a LOT more important. For example, where there are trees being planted far away from the water shack. Unless there's a pump nearby, the water guy has to go back and forth to get water. So I've learned to get enough seeds saved up in advance to get all of the planting done at once, so the planter and the waterer or not competing for a pier/boat.


Re:When to do things....part 2

[Post New]by kailasa108 on Feb 19, 14 2:08 PM
Speaking of time... . I also found that once one has dropped under "gold" time, even though you add time back, the game does NOT go back to gold (even at the appropriate amount), but stays "silver" no matter how much time remains. I don't know if this is a "bug", but that's the way it is.
So, if you want the gold bonus, try to keep the clock always up in the gold range.

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