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Is it me ooooor. . .

[Post New]by Robsim on Feb 16, 14 8:48 AM
. . .when I played the demo of the CE version of this game, I thought the 'ghost catcher' was received in the beginning (after the intro) via a package sent by the Order of the Light. However, in this version (SE), we're reading the letter (via the journal) from the Order, but no package is received. Thus, how does one get past the invisible shield, as well as manipulate the morphing numbers over the entranceway in the hotel without having the 'ghost catcher'? Is it just me, or did anyone else not receive the package (in the beginning) with the 'ghost catcher'???

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Re:Is it me ooooor. . .

[Post New]by crispypot on Feb 17, 14 12:44 AM
Hi robsim,

i seem to recall in both the CE and SE games you get your ghost catcher after you`ve gotten into your bedroom in the hotel ????

A suitcase springs to mind and theres a gadget in there with a msg on it from the order of the light and your ghost catcher

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