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Stairs/Balloon missing secret FOUND in Easy/Relaxed!

[Post New]by skyepearl on Feb 17, 14 9:32 AM
Adelantado 3: Part 1: Chap 4

No doubt this game is buggy. I played on both Easy & Relaxed & was able to find & register the missing secret (at the bottom of the stairs from the balloon) in both of these modes. I was also able to re-create the problem & not activate the secret so I *think* I get why it's happening? Maybe? lol

I played on Easy & got the secret first time around. I missed a different secret & restarted the level. This time round, I wasn't able to get the balloon/stairs secret. The difference between the two replays was the order in which I did things. So, I believe, the game is extremely linear in it's secret count. I was able to get all secrets in every level on Relaxed, as long as I followed the maker's pre-determined path. Not always easy, 'cause I can't read minds.

To get the missing secret on Easy/Relaxed (perhaps all modes?), you need to be careful not to reveal the territory where the balloon/stairs/secret is too soon.

1. You need to buy the portal stone from the trader on the small island of Indians below the silver mine you build.

2. Use the now active portal to jump to the cave (the rest of that area to the right of the cave entrance should still be shrouded in fog - this ends up being the same area at the bottom of the stairs below the balloon where the missing secret is located)

3. Enter the cave & do all you can there.

4. Find the picture treasure map indicating the X - location for this missing secret (cant' remember where, sorry,....another secret for sure).

If you don't do all of these things before you remove the fog from where that secret is supposed to be, you won't get it. It might be just finding the treasure map before expanding the territory to reveal the X marks the spot that triggers it....but this is what worked for me.

Hopefully it will for you, too.

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