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many WONDERFUL friends!

[Post New]by basmith12 on Feb 17, 14 5:20 PM
Playing as Addi 118370 ; Just wanted to thank everyone for the gifts! This is my second game and at level 14. I try and go in an play at least 3-4 times a day and most days more (been playing AW and ART lately, too) I am sorry that I cannot gift everyone on the same day, the five gifts seems to disappear so fast. I have accumulated some of the gifts needed and then when I go back in the next day seems they have already received elsewhere. Guess it is the time change and time of day everyone is gifting. Again, thank you all and I will continue to gift. I just added some new ID's with hopefully lower levels to gift some of the earlier items needed that I have. I have so far no spent money on this game but made up for it in the first (playing this one for fun and the pleasure of having and making new friends) Happy gaming and have a great day (night)

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