how do you make money first?

[Post New]by littleone501 on Feb 18, 14 8:10 PM
some levels require to make a certain amount of money. One of the levels I'm on, I have to make $3700, plus sell 12 coctails, 12 toys, 3 hamburgers, and 3 souveniers. I cannot make the money I need. Another level calls for the same idea? what is the trick to that???

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Re:how do you make money first?

[Post New]by MammawJo on Feb 18, 14 10:07 PM
You make the money as you let people on the beach and as you sell them things.
I'm not sure how much detail you're wanting so I'll just give you a few hints to help you along. If you want more details, you can let me know and I can go back and replay the level.

Only buy what you need...cocktails and toys. Only upgrade the bar and toy store. Make sure to advertise. If there are a lots kids and only a few adults, advertise the sandwiches/toys/souveniers. The old people do not order cocktails either (That's just not right! ). Once the burgers and souveniers are are empty, do not refill. If I remember right, I think I waited until I had more chances to advertise to get gold on this level. And also I think there may have been extra cocktails needed to earn all the money.

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Re:how do you make money first?

[Post New]by littleone501 on Feb 21, 14 6:31 PM
Thank you for the tip. I been suck on 3 levels for the same reason and is frustrating.

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Re:how do you make money first?

[Post New]by chevyqueen on Mar 11, 14 9:42 AM
I noticed on some levels that you can save money and then build the stands. For instance, if you need to build a sandwich shop and a bar but, you don't have to sell any sandwiches or drinks, you may want to collect the money first and then build them. One level in particular I needed to make a little over a thousand dollars. I needed to sell several tickets to the banana boat as well as build the bar and something else. I sold the tickets first, got the money to make the goal and then I built the stands.

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