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Could it be any faster?

[Post New]by Nagasse on Mar 18, 09 7:36 PM
This could probably be a pretty good game, that is, if it weren't so fast. The timer is so fast! I tried and tried and couldn't get to the carrot fast enough most of the time and that became stressful. Its sort of disappointing, because I love word games and thought we could use more, but only play this one if you want extreme pressure. That timer is going to get you! Its


Re:Could it be any faster?

[Post New]by indigo_ladybug on Jul 16, 09 10:06 PM
Try typing with the keyboard as opposed to clicking with the mouse (as I was doing). This saves a LOT of time. Also, remember you can get timer bonuses as you play.

Be sure to check too, when say you have
dates as letters.
your first word is

_ _ a

(note the blanks in the third word. They always go alphabetically, so that should help you figure out the little ones. (I hope this makes sense). If anything else, this game will really improve your typing skills lol!

good luck!

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Re:Could it be any faster?

[Post New]by gooddragon38 on Mar 27, 10 1:39 PM
I have to agree with Nagasse. I tried the first word whomp game and found it kind of boring but at least you had more time (I believe it was double the time of this game). I consider myself a good speller and writer but this game kicked my ****. It's too bad because it's a cute game and I would have purchased it if the game had given me just a bit more time -- too frustrating.


Re:Could it be any faster?

[Post New]by kpsbox on Jul 10, 10 9:03 AM
Timer too short for me... even when I use the keyboard to type I mostly couldn't win the 30 second games. I read the tips about putting the game on pause and working the words out on paper, but that's just too much effort and interrupts the flow of the game. I played the full hour demo hoping my brain and fingers would click into high gear with practice, but it just didn't happen.

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Re:Could it be any faster?

[Post New]by herrbach on Jul 19, 12 7:50 AM
As in most games, I win some, I lose some. I'm ok with that. What I don't like is that when I don't solve all the words (which is a majority of the time); when the list of missed words appears, it only displays for THREE SECONDS!! Then the game summary pops up and blocks all the missed words, except for the ones appearing on the left & right side.
This has GOT to be the fastest & most stressful word game I've tried. The speed requirements border on the reeeediculous.

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