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Unable to Determine Level playing once selected

[Post New]by Cards13 on Feb 20, 14 12:38 PM
I truly love this game and I own several of these type games offered at Big Fish but one thing I would really like to see the Developers fix or improve on.

Once you have selected a level - and you are now "in it" or playing the screen, you have no way of knowing which level you are on. IF you decide later you would like to play it again and you did not write down the level BEFORE you entered it - you may never find it again.

When you finish the level - at that time you can replay it - immediately after you finish it. But if you do not do it at that exact time, if you go to the next board or come back later, you have no way of knowing where you were. The lobby does not highlight which "ROOM" (or level) you exited - so once in the lobby or once you exit finding an enjoyable level again is rather difficult.

That was my main complaint. It is also virtually impossible to play a level without hints as almost always at the end of a "difficult" level you can end up with multiple places where the final few squares have a 50 - 50 chance of being in multiple places. I read another review of multiple solutions, and now I understand what they meant and agree. I tried to solve all the levels with no hints but for this you must use hints or the system says your solution is wrong unless you can get a 50-50 solution right multiple times.

Overall this is a very enjoyable game from one who still believes Gemsweeper is the best of these type games. IF anyone knows of another game that has the ARCADE mode that Gemsweeper has please send me a message - that is a truly amazing game but unfortunately stops after 12 (?) levels. In this ARCADE mode of Gemsweeper, as you complete a row or column, it is removed from the board and replaced with another row or column - adding strategy to the game as well.

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