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Cave on Seaside

[Post New]by Robcol on Feb 21, 14 4:49 PM
I am in the cave and there is a triangular puzzle, the map tells me there is an activity but I have absolutely no idea what to do with the puzzle.

I have a series of green triangles but they do not fit.

Any help appreciated.

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Re:Cave on Seaside

[Post New]by Bartsister on Feb 21, 14 9:21 PM
Yikes! There are so many caves in this game. The green triangles should go on a puzzle that has other matching green triangles. The game should place them on the puzzle for you and then the goal of the puzzle is rotating them the correct way. Not sure why the game won't take them.

Does the hint button help at all? Maybe there is something else you are supposed to do first? I'm sorry I am not being much help, but didn't want to leave you stranded out here.

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Re:Cave on Seaside

[Post New]by sammi21 on Feb 28, 14 10:46 PM too...Stuck in the cave with the triangular puzzle...
tried all ways! Nothing works...

I hate it when I buy a game, get to a puzzle I can't solve and NO SKIP BUTTON!

Looks as if this one will be erased too..

Just bought it today! or it goes to the birds....sammi

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