Shortage of Arrows.

[Post New]by Ken_TheDoctor on Feb 23, 14 2:13 PM

This has probably been asked and answered before, but... How do we obtain more arrows for cupid? After he fired off the initial supply he has been moaning that he has none left. I can't work out how to re-stock. Please help.

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Re:Shortage of Arrows.

[Post New]by mellowfuzz on Feb 23, 14 2:20 PM
Arrows just appear like rocks, stumps, and grass. There is a maximum number you can have on the screen at once, so if you have a lot of debris you won't get any more arrows. Also, the game needs to be running to get them. The best way to get a lot of arrows is to clean up the farm and let the game run for several hours. You can do other things while it is running.


Re:Shortage of Arrows.

[Post New]by Ken_TheDoctor on Feb 23, 14 2:24 PM
Thanks, Mellowfuzz, I hadn't realised... Time to clear the debris!

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