Europe, Stuck, No Five Star Acts, Tricks to Learn

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 25, 14 6:09 AM
I have failed one request with the dogs because no matter which tricks they learned the game wanted 2 four star dog acts and two five, five star acts don't show up. I used 2 of the six star but that didn't work either. Now, I am asked to make a show with Four-Four Star acts which my performers can do, but there still isn't any Five star acts showing up. Only six star and applying those will not win the task. They have learned most of the acts and I still don't have any five star acts to teach them. And even though I mixed four star and six star acts and performed flawlessly the game won't advance because there aren't any five star acts to learn.

The horse and dogs are at level 5, the trainer is at level 4 1/2, and my acrobat and clown or at least three level or more.

Why won't any five star acts show up? they have practically learned all the acts available including six star acts.

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Re:Europe, Stuck, No Five Star Acts, Tricks to Learn

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Mar 1, 14 9:25 AM
Never mind, they don't seem to appear in any particular order. It would have been helpful if this game had set the tricks they can learn in order, like one star, two star etc. Even my five star performers' tricks they can learn is out of order in the way the appear in the game. This is a great game, but it would help if the tricks they can learn were in sequence. Like one star trick, two star trick but they show up later etc.

Sort of disorganized way to unlock new tricks.

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