How I Fixed my Windows 7 Compatible Problem.

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 25, 14 6:23 AM
When I tried to download this game I got an error 2 message. It would not install. But lead me to the link about removing an update from MS for Vista. I don't have Vista but Windows 7. I had to uninstall/trash can the game and try to reinstall from saving instead of running. This also failed still error 2 message. I finally figured out I had set my BF app to 'alternate' at some point to be able to install another game some time back. I had to go into options and set it back to the default. This worked and removed the Error 2 message. But, it would not load once activated.

I finally figured out since this game is for 98, XP it wasn't compatible with Windows 7. I had to go into the game file located in the Program files x86 and find the Circus Empire.EXE file. Run Compatibility mode and make sure it was set to no later than Windows XP SP 2. This got the game to load an old style 98 interface which ask you to set the resolution etc. This finally worked.

I hope this helps someone that runs across this problem. I didn't want to wait on being answered from tech help though I did email them out of frustration and figured it out myself.

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