Need to get pass 7-5 I have been stuck there for quite a long time

[Post New]by pixiie13 on Feb 25, 14 5:10 PM
Hi there-does anyone have any advise on getting past level 7-5. Can't seem to get past there. I have been stuck there for quite a while. I wish I could pass that level.

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Re:Need to get pass 7-5 I have been stuck there for quite a long time

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Feb 25, 14 8:11 PM
Welcome to the pond!

[note: rings numbered from center out; ring 1 is closest to center, ring 8 is the largest one at top of playfield]

You want to primarily focus on clearing the cyan blockers in ring 4 at the start using as many match 4s as you can because all the blockers are either triple or double break ones if you are only using M3s and there isn't enough time to do just small matches. I drop as many cyan tiles as I can on top of the cyan blockers at the start, then spin/drop tiles around to set up M4s on the cyans. If there aren't any cyan matches at the moment, focus on matching the assorted blockers in ring 8 to get a little more working space up top. Once you have cleared a few of the cyan blockers, start arranging some orange tiles for M5s in the ring of orange blockers below. You will primarily get small bursts, and want to use them to form random "craters" in the lower rings of blockers to chip your way downwards. Once you have cleared all the cyan blockers out of ring 4, the level will get considerably easier if you can focus on making M5s with the orange, then the purple tiles/blockers. Scatter the bursts around the lower rings of blockers and then do M4s or M5s on the red blockers in ring 1 to open the color cylinders and finish the level.

If you want the expert score, work on clearing out the blockers in ring 8 after you have opened up some room in the orange blockers, or drop tiles into the gaps so you can "stack back" to the blockers in ring 8 to clear them. I usually get a column burst or 2 in the level to help clear ring 8, but have to back-fill the columns otherwise to clear all those top blockers.

Hope this helps, and best of luck...if you can beat 7-5, you're good enough to finish the remainder of the game, as I didn't find any other levels except maybe 9-4 to be as tricky once I got past 7-5.

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