Minor glitches

[Post New]by bshicol on Mar 1, 14 2:24 PM
I ran into minor glitches in a couple of the puzzles. Fortunately, resetting and replaying the puzzle resolved the issue, although it did take a lot of tries on one of them.

One glitch was with a slider puzzle. One of the blocks got stuck in the bottom right spot. When clicked on it highlighted, but no arrow appeared even though it had space to move. All the other blocks showed their move arrows (unless there was no available space). After resetting the puzzle worked correctly.

More annoying was the connect the lights puzzle where you connect the same color lights using all the spaces in the puzzle. That was a very simple puzzle and each of the latches opened correctly, but nothing else happened. It took over a dozen resets and redos before the game finally decided to show me the crystal or whatever with the embedded object.

Despite these minor bugs, I found the game enjoyable.


Re:Minor glitches

[Post New]by wilshasky on Mar 5, 14 1:17 PM
I have run into a glitch, we got the 3 zodiac signs and know where they go to retrieve the yellow crystal but it won't let us place them. It says that the spaces need to be cleared but we have nothing to clear them with. Usually if an inventory item is still needed it won't take it away. We have back tracked and can't seem to find where we went wrong. Have gone to the strategy guide and it said nothing about clearing the debris off the where the signs go. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know as soon as possible


Re:Minor glitches

[Post New]by Rosaliy_Lynne on Mar 10, 14 3:39 PM
I ran into a glitch tracing the fish. I could correctly click on points 1 to 14 and could get to point 16 but the game would not allow me to select point 15 so after several attempts, i skipped that puzzle.

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