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can't use barrels to buy gun mounts

[Post New]by bfonville on Mar 1, 14 4:40 PM
The gun mounts say they cost so many barrels, and I have plenty of barrels to spend, but I can not buy the gun mounts. Is there a trick to this?

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Re:can't use barrels to buy gun mounts

[Post New]by whoople on Mar 2, 14 6:18 PM
Except for 2 locations where I can't seem to buy the mount, you just have to click on the mount and then click on the barrel that pops up (shows how many barrels it costs). There is a little trial an error involved in finding just where to click, but it seems to be the bottom middle part of the barrel. Once you've bought them the purchase lasts through replays of that level too. Might not be able to buy while pause though. Hope that helps.

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