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[Post New]by dduck652 on Mar 2, 14 8:23 PM
How do you do level 55?

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[Post New]by Slavicdiva on Mar 3, 14 8:01 PM
Here's how I did it:

Chop all the trees.
As soon as you have enough to build the bridge to the fruit, build it.
Finish chopping the trees, then pick all the fruit.
As soon as you have enough food to feed the first plant, feed it.
As soon as you have enough food to feed the second plant, feed it.
Finish picking the fruit.

Build & improve one manor house in one of the open spaces.
Use the orb now.
As soon as you have $15,000, pay off the robot in the lower left & get the treasure.

Build a second manor on the other open spot.
At the same time, build the other bridge.
Build a third manor after you finish the bridge.

Save up enough money to pay off the last robot.
Build a market in the last space. Buy 500 fruit. Demolish the market.
Build a sawmill where the market was. Buy 1000 wood 2 times.

After the first wood buy, improve the manors.
After you buy wood the 2nd time, demolish the sawmill.
Build & improve the final manor.

I got gold with a little time to spare!

Hope this helps.



[Post New]by Ironic_Twist on Apr 23, 14 3:14 PM
Thank you. This helped me, too!

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[Post New]by Brackenlady on Apr 30, 14 11:15 PM
Thanks Slavicdiva - but have you, or anyone, done this and got three stars at expert level?

It works perfectly at normal level but try as I can and work as efficiently as I can I cannot get the three stars at expert level. I have tried and tried and tested several variations but that third star eludes me.

Really would welcome some advice!

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[Post New]by Brackenlady on May 1, 14 6:31 AM
Hooray, hooray, finally got three stars at expert level. Method differed in one respect from Slavicdiva's and also you have to be as quick as possible, ie building the first manor house as soon as you have fed the first clinger without waiting to pick all the strawberries. So for anyone who happens to be stuck here is my method:

Chop all the trees, building bridge as soon as you have enough wood.

Start picking fruit using all five workers. As soon as you have enough fruit feed first clinger, continuing fruit with other workers, and then as soon as clinger is fed build and upgrade manor house leaving one worker picking remaining fruit.

Use orb when manor finished (your strawberry picker should be close to it) and feed second clinger.

When you have enough money pay robot in lower left and get treasure.

Build manor on other open spot and build bridge to right at same time.

Here is where it differs from Slavicdiva:

Upgrade the manor you have just built and at same time build market in spot behind bridge on right.

Make 500 fruit, destroy market and build sawmill

Make 2,000 wood (or 2 x 1,000) and destroy sawmill.

Build upgraded manor.

By the time you have done this you do not have to wait long before having enough money to pay robot.

Build and upgrade final manor.



[Post New]by jazzyjeans on Sep 19, 14 8:35 PM
Thank you Slavicdiva!!! I was finally able to get 3 stars on this level thanks to your helpful info!!!

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