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Propensity towards killing..

[Post New]by aqcheryl on Mar 3, 14 10:00 AM
Especially in these last two games, Ive noticed that the detective apparently has no qualms taking lives. I havent played the timed version of Fates Carnival, but reading from this forum, I have the impression the detective didnt care that 'she' couldnt save them.

But not even the timed version.. just the regular one...look at the flare gun/ravens and the acrobats falling from the bridge. So what they were bad, that doesnt redeem the act.

I also noticed this in Escape from Ravenhearst... how easily the detective pulled the plug on the hospital guy, and blew up the mother... however truth be told the detective firmly believed they were mannequins, and the whole time I was playing, until the end... I was guessing the mannequins were the fused body parts (encased in mannequin casing) of the missing townsfolk. I notice the detective didnt bat an eyelash at the townsfolk being blown up in that game either.. at least that was the impression I got from the end, that thats what happened to them. Only the twins, Emma and Rose were rescued it seemed.

Its been so long since Ive played the other games, I dont remember if there were any examples there.

All I do know is at this rate, the detective will be "Bonnie" to Charles' "Clyde"

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Re:Propensity towards killing..

[Post New]by Dalimarfangirl on Apr 30, 14 1:09 PM
While I agree, you have your start game wrong! The Detective's psychopathic behavior started in 13th skull, where he/she literally lets a small family with young child DROWN

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