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pet peeve

[Post New]by hippyfishie on Mar 4, 14 12:59 AM
As a longstanding member of BF I have seen this game offered at least three times as a 2.99 game.

Each week or each day the 2.99 games have been repeating for quite some time now. Does anyone even care anymore? Really, how many members are left I'm just curious?

2.99 games are supposed to "be a benefit" of membership. Doesn't seem like such a benefit if it's offered and it's two years old and been repeated several times.

With all the hundreds of games on this site it would be really nice to see a newer game once in a while. I think it would show members that BF still cares. Would be nice to see members respond. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't matter to BF anymore.

Well, at least I can finally change my homepage now. I always had it set to BF so I didn't miss these specials. Now I don't have to worry about looking anymore.

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