Tips for the Fast Gold Collectors

[Post New]by Arwencire on Mar 6, 14 7:24 AM
I played the game 2x up to lvl 30 on 2 different strategies and never had "issues".
So first the "fast way to gold". This is NOT the total basic tutorial, though you might to start with that. Follow the tutorial up to level 6 at least, so you know the basics. If you want to get gold, defence, etc. fast after that, check these advises.
NOTE! You can not take your "spare stuff." with you to the next level ever, so use what you got in a level to gain the demands for upgrades and deliveries to Rome to finish any level.
it's almost undoable to give a step to step guide, but try to follow my story.
Since this is a "fast gold" setup and issuming you did the basic tutorial.... you might want to get the following stuff:
NONE of the Houses stuff!
Find a Mountain and place 3 Iron mines (near mountains), 1 Firehouse, 1 Warehouse, 2 Weaponsmiths, 1 Barrack, 1 Lumberjack (near trees) and connect them with roads. If the Lumber is far away from the stuff you build, search for a Forest and place your Lumberjack there with a new 1 Firehouse, Warehouse and roads to connect the 3.
Find a spot (preferred in the middle of the MAIN road) and place a Merchanthouse (or (even better) a Harbor near a river if thats near)
Save up your products until you got at least 17 Weapons.
If you by now are not attacked by Bandits, sell 10 Weapons and spare Wood via your Warehouse or Harbor.
NOTE! You might have gotten a message saying you lack a Taxhouse. Ignore that for now, you get plenty gold to set that up later.
Trick is now to get gold, and expand your Iron, Wood, Weapons and Defence (Barracks). So build more Warehouses, Barracks, and if needed Iron mines.
Sell the spare stuff again via your Warehouses and/or Harbors.
Note that all your Production buildings need a road, and if you have a long road, build a Firehouse extra.
Keep up this "program" until you got a **** of gold (like 100000 if you are patient).
Not really needed that though if you finally want to start up your town.
A basic town needs just (lol) Houses, Well, Market (preferred Firehouse), and all connected with roads. The rest is the "build up" to next level of the houses stuff.
If you fancy the build up town stuff, place a Taxoffice on the connecting road to the Houses too. For the rest of the townstuff, follow the demands they need (Grain, Flour, Bread etc. Since a Post has only limited Typespace I leave it at this for now. If anyone has questions about this "Basic Gold Hunt" reply then.


Re:Tips for the Fast Gold Collectors

[Post New]by peaslee on Mar 9, 14 3:18 PM
The first time I played level 26, the trade goods went out the short way, allowing fast build up of gold. My overall plan had problems, so I restarted, but now, the camels go the long way. Is there something I can do to make them go the way I want?


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