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Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Mar 9, 14 10:07 AM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Dark Romance: Vampire in Love here. We appreciate the time you take to put your reviews together, and I know other gamers and the developers do as well. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting. Our goal with these is to keep the thread tidy, easy to navigate and helpful.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by steve_san on Mar 9, 14 2:57 PM
Vampire in Love is Not a Batty Idea

"Enron" (who chose that name?) the son of Dracula, wants to forsake his family name and live a normal life. He falls in love with Emily, a mortal, after she gives him the "damsel in distress" look . But before they are married, Emily is abducted and held in a mansion. There is now a race against time as she is in "mortal danger" and must be freed. The ghost of a little girl is also willing to help Emily.

In this game you will play two different characters, both Enron and Emily. The switch is made by clicking the character's portrait in the lower right. Certain objects are sent from one player to the other by using a carrier pigeon. So you'll get so far with one character and then have to switch to the other to progress, and so on.

Hidden object scenes were imaginative and well drawn, requiring a fair amount of interaction. There is also a match 3 option. Puzzles were cleverly integrated, but not very challenging. The use of some objects was unusual, and not always intuitive.

The voices were an unusual mix of British and American accents, but were ok. Unfortunately there was not a lot of use of voices during the trial. For this reason, you do not get to know much about the characters except that they are in love. This made truly "buying in" to the story a little more difficult. Music is very dramatic and ominous sounding, but the same melody plays over and over.

For options there were no special settings for sparkles. The game also does not play in true widescreen.

The game scores points for innovation by playing multiple characters (though this has been done before), but other than that there is nothing really special here. Vampire love stories have a certain following, so no doubt there will be many who really like this game. It's not bad, but I'll sleep this one off and get up at sunrise with the rest of the mortals.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Mar 9, 14 4:31 PM
I gave the CE demo a try when it came out and didn't particularly care for it as a CE. As I have said many times before, I often change my mind when the SE comes out and I have a chance to replay the game. However, I do not buy the CE. That said, I do like this game as an SE and I am going to use a credit to buy it.

The graphics are fairly clear and game play is good, no problems at all. The music left a lot to be desired. It needed to be a little creepy and not so over-powering and annoying. You have a very helpful jump map. I especially like the way you get to play both of the main characters in this game. Their face will glow when you need to switch to that person. Very different and interesting way to play.

HOGs are still cluttered and items difficult but not impossible to find. You can switch to a match 3 game...not my favorite thing. There are really a lot of puzzles, but they are simple to figure out. Hint system is very helpful and fills at a fairly fast rate. It also ties into the jump map, as when you need to go to a totally different location, it shows the map and where you need to go. Well done.

There are voice overs, but very few. Mostly, you read a lot of dialog, which can be skipped or clicked through if you read faster than they do. Since this is not a CE, it does not have collectibles. Wouldn't it be nice to have another nice SE with collectibles? The name of the last one escapes me, but it was quite fun.

As I said, I am going to get this one today. The story isn't new, but the game play is and I find it fun.

As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the review.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by roaming on Mar 9, 14 8:24 PM
There isn't anything really to criticize about this game that hasn't already been said by steve_san and dancemom1. However, it seemed to me as I played the demo that the game moved very slowly. Everything about it felt heavy and ponderous to me. I had a hard time finding many of the objects in the HOS without using a hint, and for that reason I didn't get very far before the demo ended, so can't really tell what the rest of the game might be like. Overall, I would have to say I wasn't having fun. I think this game is probably going to be very much up to individual preferences.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by bessiegirl on Mar 11, 14 9:22 AM
Review for the SE. What a foolish, dumb ending. It really was a poor, disappointing end to this story and didn't even make sense. Who in their right mind would think Dracula could be killed by just pushing him against a wall.

As far as the rest of the game...the music, graphics, voice-overs and annimations were very good. Could be dark in a few scenes. Transporter map was excellent. You actually had to consult te journal now and then, but not much. Very interesting twist to the game as you had to switch between the two characters to work it.

There were A LOT of HOS and puzzles, so if you like those, this game is full of them...almost to the point that you got really tired of them. The HOS had an option of match 3, but even that got tiring after awhile and I usually enjoy those.

Skip and hint recharge quickly so the game flows smoothly. A few odd gliches now and then, but the game did not kick me out...I just had to back up a few times.

Puzzles/mini games were tedious and frequent..some solved quickly, others you had to work at and I don't have the patience for those.

I actually enjoyed the game despite all the HOS and puzzles. Interesting, but confusing storyline...some unique thiings to do...too bad the ending was such a disappointment...maybe the CE fleshes it out a bit.

I think you will enjoy this game if you just forget the lousy ending and can get pass all the HOS and puzzles. Good length for play. 3 out of 5 would have been a 4 out of 5 if not for the ending.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by catmartie on Mar 11, 14 2:26 PM
Funnily enough, I've just come to the forum to ask about the ending to this game. I played through to the end last night (after a major glitsch which required me to uninstall, reinstall, reset and start from the beginning again.)
Anyway there I was at the final scene, there's a lightening swift cut-scene and Enron's (ha ha) dad is half lying on the floor. No idea what's meant to have happened to him, or our noble hero and intrepid heroine either. - But "they can be together now". I've just been convinced that I missed something.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by BlackWaterRules on Mar 14, 14 3:28 PM
The storyline is excellent. Count Dracula, the most evil and cruel vampire has a son named Enron, who decides to turn his back on his father and live among humans. He falls in love with Emily, a human woman. Dracula soon learns that Enron and Emily are to marry and kidnaps Emily to turn her into a vampire and bring Enron back into the fold.

You play two characters, going back and forth between Enron and Emily; Emily trying to get out of the castle, and Enron trying to save her. You receive clues from each character.

The soundtrack is great, full orchestra with music that is spooky, eerie, and ethereal. Narration is very well done as are the voice overs. The graphics are well done, beautiful illustrations, in full color.

Hidden object scenes are interactive list type with objects very well drawn, crisp, and clear. Most mini puzzles are relatively easy. I had to skip two of them after spending ten minutes on one and eleven minutes on the other.

There is a diary and an interactive map to assist you.

This one is a keeper.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by layzeedaisy on Apr 18, 14 2:16 PM

I quite enjoyed having to play two characters in very different locations. The story was quite weak but this made it more interesting.

There were far too many hidden objects and puzzles, they seemed to be there just to pad out a weak storyline. Thank goodness for the jump map.

However the game was good enough until the ending which was incredibly daft considering how vampires are supposed to be killed - and it was daylight !!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by qpr1 on Jun 5, 14 6:36 AM
I found the game to be tedious and slow

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Re:Reviews for Dark Romance: Vampire in Love

[Post New]by rdekker1 on Jun 14, 14 9:59 PM
I liked this game. I loved being able to play with two players. The only thing I really didn't like was the ending, but the rest of the game was good that I can forgive it. And I liked the option of either playing the hidden object or the match 3.

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