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Really, again?

[Post New]by Pixielate on Mar 9, 14 12:29 PM
Does this sound familiar? Someone’s daughter, son, sister, brother, niece has been taken by some mysterious something. You rush to find them and crash close by the castle or mansion. In the castle black smoky creatures cause a fire and maybe destroy the stairs. The things you need (and should always carry with you) are difficult to obtain for reasons you cannot understand. Those things, of course, are matches, knife, crowbar, valve, fire extinguisher and/or bug spray…oh yes, a garden spade or shovel, bolt cutters, garden shears, hammer and nails, and of course a corkscrew. Wow, always déjà vu. I guess I’ve been playing these games too long. If it sounds like I’m jaded, no, that would be the game developers.

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