level 67

[Post New]by cheapchickie2 on Mar 10, 14 10:19 PM
only level left to get gold,...suggestions?

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Re:level 67

[Post New]by Janette5 on Mar 12, 14 2:39 AM
I probably played this level about 100 times myself and it was also the last one I struggled on - but did finally get gold like this - hope it helps you, (no guarantee it will work a 2nd time):

1. The first two set of products you're making sell to the people waiting - but first feed the machines to get them going, then pick up the products and sell them.
2. Buy the pasta machine and 6 wheat - that's it for your quota, don't buy less, don't buy more then you run out of space.
3. Next set of two products send both to the pasta machine.
4. Next set of two products send 1 to the pasta machine and sell one to the people waiting.
5. Sell your 1 pasta in the car.
6. This gives you enough money to upgrade the wheat and noodles machines and if you keep feeding them you'll make the noodle deadline with time to spare.

That gives you a start - if you want what I did next, read on:

7. Wait until you have 2 pasta, send that with any excess noodles to the market - make sure you're sending at least 450 worth of products. Purchase 1 pig, 1 veggie when the truck comes back.
8. Keep selling pasta and excess noodles in the car and next upgrade the pasta machine to level 2 and 3 you'll also have enough money to upgrade the storage.

I'm not sure at which point I upgraded the car and storage but it was after the pasta machine was at full production or when I had enough money in the car plus extra.

(There is a youtube walk-through, I couldn't get gold using it - not sure why)


Re:level 67

[Post New]by silverdove50 on Mar 19, 14 3:25 PM
I can't get gold with the youtube walkthrough either.
Can you tell me at what point you upgraded your pasta machine. It seems I always just miss it because I'm waiting on that last pasta! So frustrating - I think I've tried 100 times or more.

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Re:level 67

[Post New]by Janette5 on Mar 23, 14 4:41 AM
I can repeat getting gold most times with this strategy:

1. Feed machines and first 2 products sell to waiting customers. But first feed machines with new products so that they're going before you go to sell.
2. Buy the following - 5 wheat, 1 pasta machine, upgrade car.
3. Feed the next 2 products to the pasta machines
4. Wait for 2 pasta and sell 2 pasta and 2 noodles
5. Use this to upgrade the pasta machine and the wheat machine
6. Sell 3 pasta and use this to buy 1 pig and 1 veggie - (1 of the times I also got gold I was selling 2 pasta and 2 noodles at this stage)
7. Sell whatever pasta and surplus noodles
8. Upgrade the noodle machine
9. Sell whatever pasta and surplus noodles
10. Upgrade meat machine
11. Sell whatever pasta and surplus noodles
12. Upgrade pasta machine.


Re:level 67

[Post New]by silverdove50 on Mar 23, 14 1:09 PM
Thanks Janette5! It worked! At Last! *Sigh* Now to figure out 68, and maybe get a life

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Re:level 67

[Post New]by cstdenis on Mar 28, 14 9:00 PM
Thanks Janette5 - You really helped!

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Re:level 67

[Post New]by jcballar on Apr 2, 14 11:40 AM
I was finally able to get Gold on this level using Janette5's tips, but only after I upgraded the Noodle Machine before upgrading the Pasta Machine. That's the only change I made.

I upgraded Noodle and Wheat at the same time, and upgraded Pasta after buying a pig and a veggie.

Thanks, Janette5!

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