secret star for level 7-10

[Post New]by naitowtf on Mar 10, 14 11:45 PM
got the rest stars..know that the secret star is on the left..the problem is that i use the bubble to go up then took the arrow to the left..but when the bird is back after got the secret star, there's no more bubble to go up again..please help on this....still loving this game in 2014..


Re:secret star for level 7-10

[Post New]by Arbitare on Jul 9, 14 3:23 AM
When you are in the first slingshot, there are three green walls with three stars each. You have to jump to the left between the 2 green walls to get the secret star. The bubble under the slingshot and the next arrow are to keep playing to get the rest of the stars.

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