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Shipwreck - Compass Mini game not working

[Post New]by dkkeyes on Mar 11, 14 6:37 AM
I have made my way to the Shipwreck next to the Carnival area. I have collected the compass dial and added it to the min Compass game. The Skip function appeared, as did the ??? (help) function. The instructions are to click on the little button with arrows at the top, but when I do, I hear "gears" in the background, but the dials do not move. I have gone on to other areas of the game and came back to it with the same results. I have also tried closing and reopening the game and went back to the mini game, same results. In order to finish this game, I am going to be forced to Skip this mini game, which I hate to do. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you find a solution?

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