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Why does the tower have everything??

[Post New]by BermudaJ on Mar 12, 14 9:25 AM
I've noticed that almost every item that I need to complete for and area, I have to go to the tower that is above the well. That means that every time I get an item that I need I then have to wait up to an hour to go into the tower for another item. Sometimes it takes me two days to complete a section for say the Innkeeper, etc. Why do they have the tower being the main source of items???

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Re:Why does the tower have everything??

[Post New]by awalkinglady on Mar 12, 14 10:28 AM
You are does seem like the tower is used way too'll find the same thing happens with the crypt, the table in the kitchen, and the spot in the upper right area next to Lord Chamberlain. I think it was really poor planning on the part of the developers....or perhaps it was intentional. It just seems that a few areas are over-utilized while you rarely go to others.

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