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A slightly different Fairy Tale

[Post New]by eleanor1183 on Mar 20, 09 9:05 PM
Once upon a time, a developer created a beautiful game, with delightful graphics, soothing music, and a darling story line. It played very well, with smooth motions and a clever puzzle system.

A beautiful (though aged) princess decided to try this game, and found it to be a wonderful, relaxing experience...for about 5 minutes.

What did she see appearing on the screen before her, to torment her with the stress she normally saw only in the three-dimensional world? Yes, it was an evil timer-demon! It swept in, uninvited, to totally destroy the joyful experience of the princess with its wicked sweeping arm and increasingly distressing colors. The princess searched in vain for a way to disable this evil creature but...

Alas! The developer had failed to include an option for killing the evil beast. The princess wept, knowing that her dream of playing this lovely game was over.

The developer received none of the gold the princess would have paid for such a game, if only there had been a way to kill the demon.

And the timer demon lived happily ever after.

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