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forgot who i am!

[Post New]by basmith12 on Mar 12, 14 10:56 AM
I have played so many different games that I forgot who I was playing as on my original game. I had deleted all games except the first one (too old and slow to keep up with more than one at a time) I am playing as mammaw 9386 (so it says) I would like to thank everyone for the gifts WOW I tried writing all the names down and was in the 80's and my old hand hit the wrong button and finished the rest all in one swoop, Sorry but promise I will try and gift everyone at least once and many more if possible in my lifetime and as long as the game lets me play. Hope everyone is back in and if not, hoping and wishing for you because I know from past experience how horrible it feels to read these posts and wanted to play with your friends. Happy gaming mammaw 9386

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