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out for now!

[Post New]by basmith12 on Mar 13, 14 2:52 PM
Sorry everyone, but I cannot continue this, it is driving me crazy or crazier than I already was lol. I have played continuously since I was able to get back in the game over 26hrs.(ashamed to say) and impossible for me to get items. I even used crystals a couple times to try and boost the game forward but to no avail. When I purchased items to get to the chained chest or carnivorous lily not sure of all names but anyway it will not give me items and it has become an awful experience and I loved this game so much. I realize some have gotten past this stage but I am giving up for now. I removed my gift list but will try and go in daily and gift what I have if anything to help others (probably have things to help those in lower levels. I even started a third game to gift myself but they apparently have changed the strategy of game and I cannot afford to buy all those crystals but would love to. It is a beautiful game and highly addictive(to me anyway) Just wanted to let everyone know why list is empty and make sure you do not waste your resources on gifting me. Happy gaming everyone and please note that I mean not to discourage others because it is an awesome game to this point. mammaw #9386 previously Addi and basmith12 players

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