Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

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Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 8:28 PM
I am sorry that the contents of this first page of the strategy guide are now gone. I attempted to edit the post to mention that I am no longer playing MC. When I clicked "Post Reply" all the data was erased. Unfortunately I couldn't work out a way to fix this.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 8:33 PM
[Fast vs Slow Play]
You may have read something about Fast and Slow Play methods. The speed refers to how quickly you collect items in a Hidden Object Scene (HOS). Your speed determines the experience multiplier of that HOS and thus how quickly it levels meaning longer recharge times. Note: From my experience and tracking the items you get for completing a HOS don't change based on which method you use so it isn't a factor in deciding what route to take.

With the Fast method you click on items as quickly as you can to complete each HOS. This gives you the maximum multiplier and raises the level of the HOS quickly. The advantage of this method is completing a HOS takes the least amount of time. The disadvantage is longer recharge times sooner.

With the Slow method you wait after each click for the multiplier to run back to x1. This gives you the minimum amount of experience each time you do a HOS. There is a time bonus for completing a HOS in under 2 minutes so to fully take advantage of this method you must wait for a minimum of 2 minutes to finish a HOS. The advantage of this is that you can visit a HOS many more times before it levels up to the next higher recharge giving you more items or faster quest completion. The disadvantage is it can become boring very quickly!

Thus enters in the Medium method. With this method you click on items in groups rather than singly or all at once. You wait the multiplier down between each group. For example: If you need to collect 14 items for a HOS you can do 4/4/3/3 or 5/5/4. Even doing 7/7 will slow the experience progression of the HOS. The time bonus rule of the Slow method can be ignored and so most HOS will be completed in under a minute and so are less boring. This method balances out the advantages and disadvantages of the other two and hopefully creating a more enjoyable game.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 8:40 PM
[Fast Focus]

One of the achievements that seems to give players problems is the "Fast Focus" where you must search Hidden Object Scenes (HOS) 15times/30minutes for level 1 then 30/30minutes for level 2 and finally 50/30minutes for level 3.

The first misconception is that you've got to do all 30 or 50 in the 30minutes. The truth is you only need to do 15 more in 30minutes for level 2 then 20 more in 30minutes for level 3. Still challenging but doable.

The second misconception is that it's the time it takes to search the HOS that must add up to 30minutes or less. It is actually 30 minutes of REAL TIME so it includes the recharge times! So the best time to do this achievement is the very beginning of the game when your recharge times are 5 minutes or less. It is possible to complete all three levels of this achievement using the Medium play method by level 5. (*see [Fast vs Slow Play] )

If you're past that point in the game, don't panic. It's still possible to get this achievement. All you have to do is look at 1) How many HOS do you have open? 2) What are the recharge times? 3) Are there any HOS left to open?

Plan out what order to do your HOS using the following guide:
Recharge time................ # of times/30 minutes
.....5 min....................................5 times
....10 min...................................3 times
....30 min.................................. 1 time
....60 min...................................1 time
The guide assumes that you take 1 minute or less to complete the search of each HOS. Add together the total number of times you can do each HOS in 30 minutes. The 2.5 minute recharge time was not included in the guide because chances are that the HOS will level up during the 30 minutes so it is safer to count it as a 5 minute recharge. If you get the achievement before you expect it then it's even better.

If with your current HOS recharge times and number of HOS you can't complete the HOS enough times to get achievement you can either wait until you've open more areas or use diamonds to instantly reenter a HOS. Make sure you use your diamonds on the HOS with the shortest recharge time to cost you the fewest diamonds.

The diamonds won for each level of this achievement are
3 for 1st
8 for 2nd
15 for 3rd.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 8:43 PM
Additional Tips for the "Fast Focus" achievement: When you complete a level of this achievement allow all your HOS to fully recharge BEFORE attempting to reach the next level. It will make getting the next level easier and prevent you from losing progress into the next level. Also, have a clock visible to quickly check the time as you go. Note the time when you start so you know when your 30 minutes will be up. That way if you are getting close on time you have the option to use a few diamonds to save yourself. Trust me you don't want to be one HOS away and have the count reset on you.


Most of the other achievements are easy enough to understand but I'll touch on the ones that might cause confusion.

Craftsmith is similar to Fast Focus in that you don't have to actually craft 50 items in 30 minutes. The levels are 10/30min for level 1, then 30/30min (which you only need to do 20 more) for level 2, and 50/30min. (again that's only another 20 more items in 30 minutes)

Market Master requires you to purchase items using diamonds. Things that qualify are items purchased on the crafting screen (including eggs), wish list items, ship items, or items to open "chests". What does NOT count are opening wish list slots, HOS, Dice table, and pets.

Knight Lord
The Knights you have to move are the ones behind/to either side of Anabel. Just click on them and they will pound their weapons into the ground. Do this every day to get the achievement.

Treasure Hunter

The gold chests for this quest are the ones the Pets bring back. Gold is a rare chest and the Griffin never gets them.

Flower Collector
By Necromage

For those who have problems finishing the 20/40/100 flowers achievement, here is a tip that can help.

(1) Go to Crypt/Carriage scene
(2) Log out
(3) Log back on immediately
(4) The 3 flowers will be right there on the ground between the Crypt and Carriage
(5) Pick them up
(6) Log out again immediately
(7) Log back on immediately
( 8 ) The 3 flowers will be there again in the same place

You can keep doing this until you get the number of flowers you need to fulfill the achievement before the 60mins is up. I've checked and confirmed that this works over 20 times. ** Disclaimer ** this is assuming your computer and your internet connection can sustain the stress.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 10:09 PM

Additional information under construction

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 10:10 PM

At 7th level every player gets the Snow Griffin. To get additional pets they must be "crafted". Go to the crafting screen and look for the paw print tab at the top. This will show the list of all available pets and the requirements to craft each. Winged cat is the only pet that does NOT require an egg to craft.

Eggs can be found on the Fortune Wheel but are somewhat rare and difficult to win. Eggs can also be purchased directly with diamonds, won on the dice game (VERY rare!) or received as gifts from friends. (It is my personal opinion that the eggs seen on the crafting bonus slots along will all the other tasty items are just there to torment the players) Finally there are some Achievements that award eggs.

Once you have your new pet crafted, go to the inventory screen. There is a paw print tab at the top. This is where you change or "SET" which pet will appear on the main screen. Once set, the pet can then be sent after treasure! You have to have the required amount of food to sent him though. There is a set of numbers beside your pet on the main screen. For example your Griffin might show 3/5. This is the food you have and the food required respectively. Once you have enough food simply click on your pet and he will race off to bring you a chest. When you don't have enough food to send your pet there will be a Diamond amount listed to the right of the food. Clicking this will subtract diamonds from your total and send your pet after treasure. Be careful not to click this by mistake because you will not get a chance to change your mind about spending the diamonds.

After coming back with treasure your pet will need to sleep. Each pet requires a different amount of time to sleep. You can speed this up by spending diamonds.

There are 4 different types of chests.
Wood........Gives 3 items & gold is 50 per stack
Bronze......Gives 4 items & gold is 100 per stack
Silver.........Gives 5 items & gold is 200 per stack
Gold..........Gives 6 items & gold is 400 per stack

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 10:13 PM

The different pet are:
Baby Pegasus........15 Rare Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 30)
50,000g, 6 unique stamps, 4 rare stamps, 2 plain stamps

Egghead Owl..........12 Special Food, Sleep: 3h
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 180)
5,000g 10 unique stamps, 10 unusual stamps, 6 rare stamps

Emerald Dragon......10 Rare Food, Sleep: 1h
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 80)
1,000g, 10 Thank you cards

Purring Manticore......8 Simple Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 270)
2,000g, 6 unusual stamps, 12 rare stamps, 10 plain stamps

Snow Griffin...........5 Simple Food
Needed: Free at 7th level. (Egg on the Wheel is useless so far in the game)

Treasured Phoenix......8 Unique Food, Sleep: 3h
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 500)
20,000g, 8 unusual stamps, 4 unique stamps, 10 plain stamps

Winged Cat............8 Special Food, Sleep: 2h
Needed: 300g, 25 Thank you cards

Flap-eared Puppy.........8 Simple Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 250)
5,000g, 35 Thank you cards, 3 unique stamps, 2 rare stamps

Hopping Tiger..........5 Special Food, Sleep: 1h
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 100)
10,000g, 150 Thank you cards

Pink Piggy...............10 Rare Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 80)
15,000g, 70 Thank you cards, 4 unique stamps, 6 plain stamps

Gold-Bearing Turtle........8 Unique food, Sleep: 4h
Needed: Egg (diamond cost to buy egg: 350)
12,000g, 350 Pet Medallions

Sharp-Eyed Snail........15 Special Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost to: 120)
5,000g, 6 plain stamps, 3 unique stamps, 50 Pet Medallions

Voracious Lemur........16 Simple food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 180)
3,000g, 5 rare stamps, 7 unusual stamps, 100 Pet Medallions

Flirty Hippo............12 Rare Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 270)
25,000g, 12 unusual stamps, 100 Pet Medallions

Nimble Squirrel..........16 Simple Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 500)
30,000g, 20 unusual stamps, 15 rare stamps, 200 Pet Medallions

Spotted-Wing Parrot.......10 Special Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 80)
10,000g, 50 Pet Medallions

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 13, 14 10:30 PM

Good Natured Hedgehog...........6 Simple Food, Sleep: 3h
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 100)
15,000g, 8 plain stamps, 30 Pet Medallions

Plush Panda...........10 Special Food
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 500)
15,000g, 10 unique stamps, 10 plain stamps, 200 Pet Medallions

Silly Seal...........8 Simple Food, Sleep: 2h
Needed: Egg (diamond cost: 50)
5,000g, 100 Pet Medallions


If you've looked at the Official Tips and Tricks then you've seen what the fading flowers look like. There are 3 flowers per area and they appear randomly around the screen. They are called fading for a reason. They will fade in and out fairly quickly and usually reappear in a new location once they fade. (Not always, but usually)

Collecting 5 flowers will award you with 10 coins that drop down from the top of the screen. Very rarely and randomly instead of coins you will receive a diamond instead. You will know to expect a diamond when the flower collection drop down at the top of the screen shows the diamond instead of the coin stack. There is a known glitch that will occasionally rob you of the 5 flower collection reward. To date there hasn't been a fix for this problem.

Your best bet to spot them is to keep your eyes moving around the scene. There are set points to where they will appear but until you get used to seeing them it's easier to scan everywhere. All three flowers might not be visible at the same time so it's helpful to continue scanning until you've collected all three. If you've waited for a while and the remaining flower(s) hasn't appeared try leaving the area then returning.

Once collected it takes a few minutes for them to recharge.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 14, 14 8:20 AM

Once you reach 6th level you will get your first friend, "John" or "Just John". This is a FAKE player in the game just to introduce you to the Friends screen. Each player has a "Friend Code" assigned to them when they start the game. This code allows other players to send you a friend request and is the ID # for your game. *NOTE: when filing a Tech Support problem with BF, it might be helpful to include your Friend Code in the email.

You can locate your Friend Code in two places.
1) Click on your Avatar to go to your achievement page. The Friend Code is located below the Avatar image. This is also where you can change your game name and Avatar image. (PLEASE change your name to something other than "Player"!!)

2) Click on the Friend icon located in the lower right corner of the main screen, this will take you to the Friends screen and Wish List. Look for the Magnifying Glass icon in the upper left side of the screen with the words "Add a Friend". Clicking this will open the Add Friend window. Your Friend Code will be listed at the top.

To get new friends type in their Friend Code or game name if you know it and click search. You can find Friend Codes and post your own ID on the "Friend Codes" thread in the top section of the Midnight Castle forums.

Note: If you wish to remove a player from your Friend List, simply click on the red " - " next to their name. This will move them to the declined section of your list. Declined friends may be re-invited at any time.

Once you have friends you can start giving gifts and can add items to your own wish list for items you would like to receive as gifts from your friends. See: [Gifts] and [Wishlists].

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide Warning: Spoilers

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 14, 14 12:10 PM

Once you have added friends you can start giving gifts and collecting "Thank you" cards. You can send up to 5 gifts a day but only 1 gift per person.

The lower section of the Friends screen shows the avatar, name and up to 4 possible gifts your friends would like to receive. Items in RED are things that you currently don't have in inventory so gifting those items will cost you Diamonds! So be careful what you click on.

Items in full color are things you have 1 or more of and clicking them will send one to your friend. Once sent a "Thank you" card will appear next to the friend's name. Clicking on the card will refresh the screen and bring the scrolling friend list back to the beginning. If your friend list is a long one this can be annoying. By waiting to collect the "Thank you" cards until you have finished giving out gifts the screen won't refresh and you won't have to scroll all the way back down your list to get to the next name you want to give something to.

Note: It is not actually necessary to click on the "Thank you" cards to collect them. They will be added to your inventory when you leave the friend screen.

The "Thank you" cards can be found in the inventory screen under the Stamp tab.

For information on receiving gifts please see [Wishlists]

Finally, sometimes when completing a HOS you will receive a gift box with a red ribbon that say "Gift for Friend". (They are NOT the gift boxes you receive in the friends screen) These boxes have no current use in the game. There is no way to sell them and no way to give them away. Hopefully one day the Developers will give us an update that will put the boxes to some use.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 14, 14 5:57 PM

On the Friends screen at the top are 4 boxes. When you start out 2 boxes are open and 2 are locked requiring 5 Diamonds each to open. These are your Wishlist slots.

Click on the Blue + to select the item you want to place on the Wishlist. Friends who have this item can gift it to you.

To change an item click the Red - to remove the current item from your list.

The Friend icon on the main screen will light up when you have an incoming Friend request or Gift. To collect gifts make sure to click on EACH GIFT separately rather than using "Get All" otherwise you will not know WHO gave you each item. It is helpful to write down the name of the person who gifted you to make it easier to give return gifts.

Please note that Quest items are needed by everyone so don't be too disappointed if you are not given them right away. If you simply want more gifts, select items for your wishlist that are not as high in demand. Wands, Crystal Balls, Stamps, Pet Food, and Ship items are all things that are easier to gift and so you will be more likely to get them.

Also please note that some players have a LOT of friends and with the 5/day gift giving limit it is impossible to give a return gift for EVERY gift received. Don't stress over it if you can't give enough gifts or you don't receive as many as you think you should be. The other players are probably in the same boat you are. You might have items on your Wishlist that they just don't have and that is preventing them from giving a return gift. Be patient and generous it will definitely come back to you in turn.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 14, 14 8:57 PM
[Crafting & Making Money]
Here is the list of the current crafted items with the cost to make in red and the price they sell for after that. Items in purple are from level 19+.
Thanks to Bedazzled and everyone who helped compile this list!
Ageless Warrior….….-$1200......$1000
Almighty Luck.…..….-$1700......$1500
Amulet of Challenge...-$1,000....$1,315
Ancestors Spirit….…-$0...........$2000 Watch your Stamps!
Aquamarine Charm ....-$180 ......$150
Artifact of Infinity……..-$450.......$1,145
Astral Protection.....-$750.....$1300
Beast's Plumage …….-$730...... $810
Bemusing Potion …….-$500.......$695
Binding Fate ………….-$200...... $255
Blessing Pendant ……-$200...... $2,240
Blood-red Order …..….-$500.......$1,350
Blood Flow Potion…….-$300.......$560
Blood Thirsty Idol….….-$490.......$960
Book of Dancing Shadows...-$1900…..$950
Bouquet of Fear & Dust.-$1,800....$610
Bowl of Secret Power...-$4000…..$500
Bracelet of Seeing…....-$300…...$1,430
Buckle of Full Moon…...-$1,100...$685
Burden of Obedience...-$2,700....$675
Butcher's Hook ……….-$700.......$950
Call of Triumph ….…....-$1,300....$850
Cannon of Purification..-$600.......$935
Card of Destiny…..…..-$250.......$350
Celestial Hunter………-$300......$1,730
Chastening Power…...-$500......$1,770
Cold Blood………..-$650 ......$605
Conjurer's Bond......-$2100…..$1195
Courage and Tenacity…-$840......$650
Crafty leprechaun ….-$800.......$740
Crown of justice ……-$600.......$985
Cube of Fortune......-$0 .......$1900

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 15, 14 8:10 AM
Cup of Glory..............$1,100.....$1,000
Cursed amulet….…-$500.......$595
Cursed Doll...........-$2000…..$1695
Death Bearer...........$800........$700
Demon's seal ….….-$200......$55
Demonic whip….… -$800......$1,080
Emerald tablet….…-$1,000....$490
Eternal Light..............-$500....$1356
Fine buckle ……....-$680.......$850
Fire Ball ................-$2300….$1690
Flask of miracles....-$2,200…$840
Glinting earrings.....-$300.......$430
Golden chest…..….-$2,800.....$380
Golden Comb.........-$1800.….$1645
Harmful poison…....-$600…....$800
Heraldic colossus...-$700........$1,090
Holy Hand ..............-$2700…..$1300
Horn of ancestors...-$600........$1,280
Infernal armor ….…-$900.......$670
Infusion of sufferings.-$300........$330
Iron bark amulet…..-$2,000....$445
Knife of peril ……...-$400.......$170
Knight's Banner......-$1300......$2100
Life Measurer........ -$0.......$1000
Mask of Pursuit .….-$400........$945
Mechanical Heart...-$300........$2,080
Mirror of Clear Sight.-$800........$530
Monster of the Dawn..-$0.......$1755
Monster's Skull.....-$3200 ….. $750
Mortuary Wreath …-$1,650.....$675
Natural Selection….-$1,000.....$1,380
Oak Mug ……….…-$400........$580
Orb of Moonlight ….-$300.......$300
Pang of Conscience..-$1200..$2000
Pendant of Sympathy.-$1,000....$1,720
Pioneers Medal …..-$2,300….$1,145

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 15, 14 10:03 AM
[Crafting & Making Money]
Purifying Fire ……..-$800……$805
Ring of Irrepressibility.-$600……$1,215
Seal of Obedience.....-$800.......$1200
Seal of Prayer……..-$700…....$2,700
Sign of Ferocity …..-$300……$1,540
Sign of Rocky Throne.-$2,000.....$1,100
Sign of War………. -$3,000.....$585
Smoking Pipe ……….....-$1,500.....$925
Solar Seal ……………...-$300.........$290
Sparkling Watch.............-$3,000.....$600
Star Light .......................-$2,300......$450
Star of Renovation ..-$0......$1,300
Steam Mechanism....-$1..... $2000
Steel Hive ……………....-$600........$970
Soul Selector..........-$600....$430
Thunder Blast……….…-$900........$825
Tiara of Rapacious Age..-$2500.......$1400
Time Flow ……………...-$1400.....$1625
Totem of Harmony ……..-$700 .......$715
Vampire's Sign…………. -$150 .......$100
Vivacity Potion ............ -$2400…..$1000
Vulture Statuette……….. -$900 .......$1090
Vulture’s Claw……….….-$2340........$515
Wild Necklace…………..-$560..........$755
Wings of Darkness.........-$200.......$565
Worn Seat......................-$3700.......$1100

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by bfgWendwater on Mar 15, 14 10:45 AM
Hey lady_sabelle,

There are some fantastic tips and tricks in this thread that could be very useful to other players. I've gone ahead and stickied this thread so users can have easy access to it.

Thanks for all the hard work!


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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 15, 14 11:12 PM
[Unlocking New Areas]

When trying to open a new area in the game you will see a Lock with a number above it. The number is the level requirement to open the area. Clicking on the lock will bring a scroll drop-down with additional requirements such as coins and items. Once you have collected these items the lock icon will change to look open. Click on it again and look for the Blue Check Mark at the bottom of the scroll. Clicking this will open the area and allow you access.

[Daily Quests]

The Daily Quests are available starting at 10th level and can be accessed by clicking on the little guy (gnome) just above your pet icon.
Daily Quests come in set of quests and require you to complete either 3, 5 or 10 different quests in order to get the final Chest reward. There is a ring around the different gnome's heads that are separated into sections by little gold triangles. The number of sections corresponds to the number of quests you have to do to finish a Full Set and each section will turn purple when it is complete. You have 24 hours to complete a Full Set of quests, though when you finish a set, a new set will be given but the timer will not reset. If you do not complete the set before the time is up, a new set will be given at midnight.

The 3-Part Quest gives 1 pet medallion (needed to craft the new pets) and 30 coins for each quest completed. If all 3 quests are finished you will be awarded a Bronze (rusty) chest.

The 5-Part Quest gives 2 pet medallions and 50 coins for each quest completed. If all 5 quests are finished you will be awarded a Silver chest.

The 10-Part Quest gives 3 pet medallions and 100 coins for each quest completed. If all 10 quests are finished you will be awarded a Gold chest.

The daily quest chests give items, coins and/or diamonds, but do not appear to give as many items as the pet chests. Please Note that the Gold chests DO NOT count towards the Golden Chest Achievement.

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 19, 14 8:25 AM
[Daily Quest]
By players like you

3-part Quests:

1. Road Sign x1, Raven Stone x1,
2. Astral Lamp x1, Winter Idol x1
3. Stone Chaps x1, Dead Ambassador x1

Strange Papers
1. Armor and Banners x2
2. Winter Idol x2
3. Craft Item x2

1. Crypt x1, Fairy Sculpture x1
2. Armor and Banners x2, Gaming Table x2
3. Raven Stone x1, Fortune Wheel x1

Studying Luck
1. Belfry x2
2. Fairy Sculpture x2
3. Game Table x2

O.G.R.E. 13
1. Winter Garden x2, Bar Counter x2
2. Stone Gargoyle x2, Burnt Tree x2
3. Feed Pet x6

5-Part Quests

Helpful Device
1. Raven Stone x2, Broken Carriage x2
2. Burnt Tree x2, Rock Garden x2
3. Belfry x3, Stone Gargoyle x2
4. Dice Game x2
5. Astral Lamp x2, Broken Well x3

Legendary Scroll
1. Mirrors x3, Mosaic Panel x3
2. Craft Item x2, Battle Pit x2
3. Winter Garden x2, Harp in Blossoms x2
4. Pet Food x6, Broken Well x2
5. Burnt Tree x2, Bar Counter x2

Birth of Goo
1. Belfry x3, Fire Fountain x3
2. Dead Ambassador x2, Bear with Armor x2
3. Flag x2, Game Table x3
4. Drunken Skeleton x2, Fairy Sculpture x3
5. Iron Chest x2, Road Sign x2

Ancient Picture
1. Harp in Blossoms x1, Feed Pet x2
2. Prison Cell x2, Burnt Tree x2
3. Dice Game x1, Crypt x2
4. Rock Garden x1, Belfry x2
5. Road Sign x2, Craft Item x3

Knowledge Hunter
1. Belfry x3, Armor and Banners x3, Carnivorous Lily x3
2. Dice Game x3
3. Skulls x3, Dead Ambassador x2
4. Monkey x2, Frozen Treasure x3
5. Craft Item x3, Harp in Blossoms x3

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 20, 14 10:31 AM
[Daily Quests]
By players like you

10 Part Quests

In the Service of the Record Keeper
1. Well x3, Crypt x3, Fairy Sculpture x3
2. Iron Chest x2, Prison Cell x2, Harp in Blossoms x2
3. Road Sign x2, Raven Stone x2, Stone Gargoyle x2
4. Feed Pet x5, Dice Game x2, Fortune Wheel x3
5. Stone Gargoyle x1, Astral Lamp x1, Rock Garden x1
6. Burnt Tree x3, Broken Carriage x3
7. Airship x40
8. Craft Item x5
9. Bear with Armor x2, Fairy Sculpture x3, Harp in Blossom x2
10. Game Table x2, Prison Cell x3, Iron Chest x3

Robbery of the Century
1. Fire Fountain x3, Dice Game x3, Bear with Armor x1
2. Frozen Treasure x3. Flag x1, Book of Evil x2
3. Skulls x2, Chained Chest x2, Game Table x2
4. Airships x150, Armor and Banners x2, Carnivorous Lily x1
5. Scroll Storage x3, Ice Monster x1, Monkey x1
6. Stone Gargoyle x2, Belfry x2, Iron Chest x1
7. Feed Pet x10, Fortune Wheel x3
8. Fairy Sculpture x2, Drunken Skeleton x2, Binding Egg x2
9. Writing Corner x1, Three Prisoners x1, Crypt x3
10. Broken Carriage x2, Prison Cell x1, Rock Garden x2

New Knowledge
1. Craft Item X3
2. Prison Cell x2, Harp in Blossoms x2
3. Feed Pet x6, Fairy Sculpture x3
4. Fortune Wheel x3, Broken Well x3
5. Bear with Armor x3, Iron Chest x3
6. Airship x80
7. Craft Item x5, Crypt x3
8. Burnt Tree x3, Stone Gargoyle x2
9. Broken Carriage x3, Fairy Sculpture x3, Game Table x3
10. Craft Item x2, Airship x40, Pet Food x5

Secret Delivery
1. Stone Chaps x3, Airship x100
2. Iron Chest x2, Prison Cell x2, Road Sign x2
3. Fortune Wheel x3, Craft x3
4. Bar Counter x3, Winter Garden x3, Armor and Banners x3
5. Skulls x3, Broken Well x3, Broken Carriage x3
6. Feed Pet x10, Airship x100
7. Carnivorous Lily x1, Flag x1, Ice Monster x1
8. Burnt Tree x2, Rock Garden x2, Stone Gargoyle x2
9. Craft x5
10. Fire Fountain x3, Bar Counter x3, Frozen Treasure x3

Gnome Spy
1. Dice x3, Broken Carriage x3
2. Airship x100, Stone Gargoyle x2
3. Feed Pet x10, Astral Lamp x3
4. Craft x5, Fairy Sculpture x3
5. Wheel x5, Bar Counter x3
6. Flag x3, Winter Idol x3, Raven Stone x3
7. Carriage x3, Well x3, Fire Fountain x3
8. Feed Pet x12, Craft x3
9. Armor and Banner x5, Crypt x5
10. Airship x120, Belfry x5

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

[Post New]by lady_sabelle on Mar 20, 14 10:32 AM
[Find Path]

Also known as "Get what you want" is the process of collecting items for quests that many players swear by. Though it is not something I use, enough players talk about it and ask about it in the forums so I will explain what it is.

Steps to Find Path
1) Click on the Icon Image on the left of the main screen of the person you have a quest from.
2) Click on the "Go To" button of the item you are trying to get
3) If it is a crafted item click on the "Find" button under the ingredient you are after. If the item is to unlock a "chest" then click on the "Find" button beneath the item you wish to get. If your item is in an HOS play the HOS. Just follow the chain of "go to" and "find" buttons until you play the HOS and get the item.
4) Once you get the item, Go through steps 1-3 again if the item is used to unlock a "chest" to get to said chest.
5) Repeat for every quest item you are after.

This process only works for items you have a quest for. And if you have multiple quests to the same HOS you will not always get the item you

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Re:Midnight Castle Strategy Guide

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coming soon

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