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Never got the pickaxe

[Post New]by MooeyG on Mar 14, 14 10:42 AM
When I went to the well and still couldn't get into the room, I looked at the strategy guide. That said I was supposed to have been given a pickaxe waaaaay back in the early stages, when I reached the Main Gate and did the HOG. If I ever got it, it disappeared from my inventory.

I read in another post that you don't need to get into that door to solve the game. Very confused...

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Re:Never got the pickaxe

[Post New]by BlackDark on Mar 24, 14 1:12 PM

The question that you’re asking is one that’s been asked since this Game was First Released, which is just about Four Years Ago. And because of this question—believe me: EVERYONE asks this question—Blue Tea Games changed the way that Future Games Hinted at the next Game in this Series.

You don’t need the Pick Axe to open that Golden Door, which is at the bottom of the Well. To open this Door, you have to Finish the Game. Then, if you start a New Game under the Same Profile, you will automatically have the Golden Rose in Inventory; and this Golden Rose is what will open that Golden Door at the Bottom of the Well.

You might want to wander through previous questions posted for this Game because you’ll see what I mean about this question when you discover all of the posts, which are about the same issue. While the idea was new and different, boy, did it create a lot of questions.

I do hope this helps you, and Happy Gaming!


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