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Another hint:Get the walkthrough by gameboomers

[Post New]by babyjesus on Mar 15, 14 6:07 PM
This walkthrough helped me A LOT to get through the game! Print the walkthrough & have it by you. It will come in handy in the harder parts of the game. Also, you don't have to do the "Middle Nautilus door code puzzle". And remember to get more clay when you're around the bamboos and clay area as you will need it towards the end of the game (in the ship). At the end, I tried to take the Quiz but after being killed a few times , I decided to play the organ. It took me awhile but I made it (be sure to use only the newer white & black keys only) YEAH Again, this is not an easy game, so take your time, perhaps you will enjoy it! God is Good, amen.

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