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Love Tower Defense games... can you list more?

[Post New]by azzie on Mar 16, 14 11:13 AM
I love this game. It's my fav.

I have a Mac and that's important in this discussion because the other games put out by this company don't run nicely on a Mac. You can't choose between easy, med and hard levels - you just end up playing hard. Also you can't go back and get more gems to advance your weapons and spells.

So can you list any Mac games you've played here at Big Fish that are good on a Mac?

I just completed 300 Dwarves in a few hours. Great game but only 14 levels.
Royal Defense Ancient Menace (RDAM) and Invisible Threat (RDIT) are not good for Mac. You can't get past the early levels because you haven't upgraded your weapons enough to do so - because you can't do an easier run through to get the upgrades. UGH.
Fort Defense and Fort Defenders: Seven Seas are for Mac and have the same issues as RDAM and RDIT but are playable (somewhat).

So what is there for Mac and is a GREAT game like Royal Defense?

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