do you delete game and start over on mobile

[Post New]by Mashay33 on Mar 17, 14 5:10 PM
Ok...I have been stuck for over a week now and can't find anyone to help me. I have paid money for his game and I'm getting angry that I can't get any further. Here is what happen. I was on chapter 2 ...I had to get a puzzle piece and take it outside and do the puzzle on the mail box...I started doing the puzzle and I had to stop because I had to do something real quick. I got out of the puzzle saved and exited the game. When I came bck to it the puzzle piece was not in my inventory and it won't let me bck in to finish the puzzle..I can't find the puzzle piece anywhere and it won't let me go any further till I complete the puzzle and get another piece to put n my inventory . I have un installed the game then re installed still stared me right back to where I was at! I don't see an option where I can make a new player and just start over. I can't go on any further til I complete this puzzle...will someone plz help me??!!!!

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